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How to Put Your Business Online

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-07-26 5:00 am --

We live in an online world. More businesses are offering e-commerce solutions with every passing day, and even for businesses that operate entirely offline, a website demonstrates legitimacy to customers. Faced with these realities, small business owners are sometimes intimidated at the thought of setting up a website. While the cost of web development is a one-time investment, monthly hosting plans often seem more threatening.

Fortunately, the majority of small businesses can avoid these fees entirely through the use of cheap web hosting. While hosing plans can be astronomically expensive, most baisc, cheap hosting solutions are perfectly adequate to meet the needs of small (and larger) businesses.

To establish a website online, one needs a domain and a hosting account. The domain is simply the website's address. Anything ending with ".com," ".org," and any similar suffix is a domain. These can be purchased at domain clearing houses like GoDaddy. After you buy a domain, you'll need a place to put it - you ned a place to have your site hosted. Basically, when hosting is purchased, it is nothing mroe than buying space on a computer.

Hosing is available from multiple companies. If you buy your domains on GoDaddy, you can buy cheap hosting there as well. Additionally, you could buy hosting at places like WestHost, FatCow, or HostGator. All of these hosting solutions are cheap (as low as $4 a month), and their service offerings are comparable.

A website's legitimacy comes in part from its design and in part from simply having a recognizable domain suffix. Users browsing a company's website have no idea what kind of plan the website is hosted under. As long as the website ends in a familiar domain suffix, the user gains the sense that the website is trustworthy and professional.

This approach is guaranteed to save a small business more money without sacrificing any quality in their online presence.