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How to Support Your Local Animal Rescue

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-04-11 6:00 am --

If you’re an animal lover or pet parent, you probably know that rescue groups are always looking for help to keep doing their important work. Many independent rescue groups rely solely on dedicated volunteers and the generosity of supporters to continue operating.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved and help your favorite animal rescue group, here are 6 simple ways that you can lend a helping hand.


Small animal rescues rely on foster families to open their homes and provide a safe place for animals awaiting their forever home. Providing a warm, loving environment is exactly what some pets need to come out of their shell and show the world just how adoptable they really are.


Consider volunteering your time for jobs other than fostering. Rescue groups need all kinds of assistance: from tabling at adoption events, transporting animals, help with website maintenance and even pet photographers.

Contact your favorite rescue and find out what their needs are. You may have the perfect skill set for a job they haven’t been able to fill!


If you’re short on time or room in your home, consider a monthly donation to a rescue group. Donations help supply things like food, medical attention and flea medications.

Just $10 a month adds up and can make a big difference for a rescue group.

Food drive

Another way to help a rescue group is to conduct a food drive. Partner with your workplace, church or a local business to host a food drop-off point. Spread the word about your project through social media and ask your friends and family to join in. Set a goal for pounds collected and keep those involved updated. The bigger the number gets, the more excited people will be to donate!


Rescue groups are always in need of supplies for pets like food bowls, beds, toys, dog crates, cat carriers, blankets and even costumes for photoshoots.

Ask your favorite rescue what they need and rally your friends and neighbors to chip in. Raise money to buy supplies or host a “Clean Out Your Closets Day.”

Get crafty

If you’re a Maker and want to use your skills to help animals awaiting their forever homes, there are lots of simple, fun projects you can make. Items like Adopt Me bandanas, a pet bed from an old sweatshirt or accessories to showcase their good looks will be greatly appreciated by both the rescue and adoptable pets.

Nominate your favorite rescue

At Dollar Days, we work with many nonprofit organizations and are proud of the work our partners do. You can help support your favorite animal rescue, too, through the Dollar Days 5% Give-Back Program. When you shop at Dollar Days, you’ll be prompted at checkout to nominate your favorite nonprofit.  Once you do, we’ll donate 5% of your total merchandise purchase to the organization you choose! It’s that easy.

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