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How to Use Store Displays to Drive Sales

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-04-13 10:00 am --

The layout and design of your store is a major determiner in sales, and with a strategic approach, you can arrange products in a way that optimize your profit margin. Studies resoundingly show that the power of suggestion can greatly increase consumer spending, and there is no better way to subtly influence consumers than through colorful and attractive displays.  

Design It with the Customer in Mind

All of your business decisions should be made with the customer in mind, and your store displays are no exception. Don’t simply analyze demographic data, but also assess the data pertaining to the shopping habits and interests of your customer base. Understand what’s driving traffic to your store, and design displays with these trends in mind.

Cater to the Multidimensionality of Humans

Humans have five senses, and your displays will be more engaging by catering to as many of those senses as possible. Use vibrant color schemes to cater to the visual nature of shoppers, while utilizing interactive textural displays to increase engagement. The music selection you choose can also motivate sales, so pick a playlist that accommodates the preferences of your clientele. Surprisingly, even scent can be an effective sales tactic. Since scent is considered to be the sense that is most tied to memory, it triggers a variety of deep emotional responses in people. Some brands, like Sony and Verizon, have been leveraging scent marketing to appeal to customers on a more personal level.

Use Mannequins as Much as Possible

Mannequins can be useful for a plethora of industries outside of clothing and apparel. You can use mannequins to create interactive displays that showcase a variety of different product lines. Studies have shown that mannequins can increase sales by as much as 32 percent. By seeing a product or clothing article modeled in real life, it resonates with the shopper on a deeper level, which will incentivize sales.

Use Window Displays to Draw People In

Displays are undoubtedly useful for encouraging spending among customers, but they can also be used to attract more customers by drawing them into your store. Put considerable time and emphasis into designing window displays that are attractive and enticing to passersby. Be sure to showcase your finest goods or apparel, as you need to create irresistible displays that pedestrians find hard to pass up. Create a scene that doesn’t just display a product but actually shows it in use. The more intricate and detailed your display is, the more customer engagement you’ll receive.  

Studies have shown time and time again the usefulness of in-store displays. From window displays that draw customers in to mannequins that show off your hottest product lines, store displays provide retailers with ample leverage for fueling sales and improving customer engagement. To make the most of your store displays, you need to start with the right fixtures. Click here to explore a variety of mannequins, display cases, and store fixtures that will help you maximize your floor space and boost your profit.