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I Quit My Job to Become an Online Reseller: Success Stories from Online Merchants

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-02-29 7:30 am --
The 9-to-5 grind is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as more people abandon the rat race in hopes of working for themselves and controlling their own financial destiny. Online reselling is becoming a popular career, as it enables people to dictate their work hours, while determining their own potential for income. Here are some insider stories of what’s it’s like to be an online reseller.

How a Side Job Became a Full-Time Career
Alexandra Marquez is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and clothing enthusiast who couldn’t stand the thought of working some boring desk job. So in 2012, when she was a student at the University of Arkansas, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She stumbled upon an app called Poshmark that allows users to sell clothing online.

As a way to make money in her free time, she began scouring thrift stores in search of the hottest threads and resold the clothing through the app. In the beginning, business was tough, netting her $500 or so on a good month. Yet, as time progressed, so did her profits. After doing some market research into the hottest brands, she gained a better idea of what brands sell the fastest, and she has since increased her income to nearly $5,000 monthly.

Surrendering the Dull Desk Job
At age 25, Ryan Grant became disillusioned with his accounting career and endeavored for a self-employed lifestyle. He leveraged the benefits of sites like eBay and Amazon to launch his business. He sources cheap goods from top-name wholesalers, and resells those goods online to turn a profit. His first few months of sales were haphazard, earning $2,200 the first month, then $9,000, and then $4,000, but they eventually levelled out, and he’s earning more now than in his previous career. While it’s been quite the roller coaster, he says it’s been an enjoyable ride, and one that has proven to be more profitable, and much more enjoyable than crunching numbers for other businesses.  

Achieving a Work-Life Balance
In this day and age, most families have no choice but to have two working parents, and parents often find themselves working insane hours just to stay afloat. It was out of a desire for a better work-life balance that Brandon Easley decided to abandon his day job and become an online reseller. His business model depends on finding the cheapest, yet highest quality merchandise, and selling it at an increased price on Amazon.

By finding bulk wholesalers, he gets his products at the lowest possible rate, allowing him to price products competitively and still enjoy a great profit margin. Nowadays, he spends more time with family than ever before. Whereas he used to spend 150 nights a year away on business, he’s managed to decrease that to ten. He can control when his vacations are and what hours he works, allowing him to reconvene with the family and spend more time with his children.

Millions of people across America are striving to find ways to be self-employed. A self-employed lifestyle offers more time with family, a better work-life balance, and a happier, more care-free life. By sourcing the cheapest products from online wholesalers, people can sell their goods competitively while still generating a significant profit. Search the lowest prices on a diverse range of products, and begin your reselling career today.