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Is Your Business Prepared for the Halloween Rush?

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-10-17 7:00 am --

Halloween is just two weeks away. By now, most people have probably purchased their costumes, decorated their homes, and arranged their Halloween plans. However, there are many last-minute items that people will be scrambling for up until the night of Halloween, and your store can benefit by having these items on hand. Here are the top items to stock in advance of the Halloween rush.

  1. Face Paint and Fake Blood

Many people buy up face paint and fake blood with the best of intentions, without really knowing how to apply it. This results in a mess on the day of Halloween, as they are washing the face paint off and reapplying over and over until it’s perfect. If they didn’t buy enough to compensate for their errors, they’ll quickly be running to the nearest store in hopes of stocking up on some last minute face paint. You can be the hero to ensure their Halloween costume has all the finishing touches it needs.

  1. Costume Odds and Ends

While most people have likely already purchased their primary costumes, most costumes require a lot of random odds and ends that many folks won’t think about until the last possible moment. Hair dye, toy fangs, belts, boas, and other accessories are all last-minute costume necessities that your store should have on hand.

  1. Candy, Candy, and More Candy!

By now, it’s likely most houses have already stocked up on their Halloween treats. It’s also likely that they’ve devoured half of it. Candy doesn’t last for too long around the sugar-toothed citizens in the U.S., so be sure to offer large bags of Halloween candy by the checkout in your store.

  1. Pumpkins

Whether the neighbor kids smashed the pumpkin as a joke or it got left outside in the cold and cracked, many folks find their pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns have been destroyed in advance of Halloween. Always have pumpkins, including mini-pumpkins and gourds, available up until the night of Halloween.

  1. Party Favors and Decorations

Many people will be spending Halloween throwing a party for family and friends, and we all know how stressful party planning can be. It’s almost guaranteed that party planners will forget at least one essential element from their shopping list, leaving them rushing to the store on Halloween day. Offering party favors, decorations, and other essential party supplies is a safe bet, and you can be sure at least a handful of your customers will be relieved to see them.

  1. Snacks and Beverages

If you’ve ever prepared for any holiday celebration, then you know one of the core worries that runs through a person’s mind is, “Will I have enough food?” In fact, that question pangs at their brain, haunting their dreams at night, giving them an unending sense of anxiety. It almost always has people running to the store at the last minute to pick up a few more bags of chips and dip just in case. Be the go-to store that your customers can trust by having all of the food and drinks they need on hand.

Halloween is almost here – is your business prepared? While most people have likely finished the bulk of their shopping, there are countless odds and ends that people will be looking to buy at the last minute. Visit our store to stock up on all the Halloween supplies and party favors you need to accommodate your customer’s last-minute shopping excursions.