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Is Your Business Slow in the Summer? Use These 7 Tips to Increase Sales

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-05-16 6:30 am --
Not all businesses manage to maintain steady profits throughout the year. In fact, the majority of companies report an ebb and flow that often hinges on seasonal trends. With summertime approaching, many seasonal businesses that offer winter goods and services are already anticipating plummeting sales. Here are some tips to boost profitability and enjoy a steadier income year-round.
  1. Diversify your marketing tactics. If your business is prone to a seasonal slump, you may need to ramp up your marketing efforts. Diversify your marketing campaign to reach a wider array of clientele by targeting as many different marketing channels as possible. Use social media to engage with your clients and keep them informed about any summertime sales or seasonal product lines.
  2. Expand your product offerings. One of the main reasons businesses experience seasonal slumps is due to offering a limited selection of products or services that are primarily relevant at a particular time of year. Ski and snowboard shops may struggle in the summer. Ice cream shops and landscapers may have little work in the winter. By expanding your offerings and branching out as a business, you can increase sales all year long.
  3. Offer rewards programs. Rewards programs are a great way to boost sales. By offering rewards that enable shoppers to save as they spend, you’re incentivizing sales and increasing the amount that each customer purchases.
  4. Create in-store events. If you’re having a hard time inviting traffic to your store, consider offering in-store events to entice new customers. By hosting workshops, taste tests, games, live music, wine tastings, or other in-store events relevant to your niche, you can draw in customers and increase their likelihood of purchasing products.
  5. Grow your customers in the peak season. If you want to stay busy year round, you need to maximize your efforts at the time when your store is the busiest. Use your busy season as an opportunity to build brand awareness and increase brand loyalty, so you can increase recurring clientele by the time your slow season hits.
  6. Offer seasonal sales. One of the best ways to sell goods and apparel out of season is by offering discounted merchandise. Many people are aware that buying their winter clothing in the summertime and their summer clothing in the wintertime can help them save money. Discount your seasonal product lines to encourage sales and boost your slow season profits.
  7. Use window displays to draw customers in. If you run a business that primarily sells seasonal goods, many customers likely think of your store within the confines of that narrow niche. You can break that stereotype by using window displays to your advantage. Make use of your window displays to showcase your hottest summertime product lines, which will entice passersby and make people aware of your summer offerings.


Most businesses experience slow times, but it’s particularly challenging when you’re operating a seasonal business that’s having trouble landing sales for several months each year. The best way to break the seasonal slump is by stepping beyond your niche market and offering a wider array of products. Do away with slow seasons once and for all by stocking your shelves with a variety of summertime and year-round merchandise. Click here to browse a variety of trending summer products.