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Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Use This Winterizing Checklist to See

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-10-26 7:00 am --

Around this time of year, most homeowners begin winterizing their home and working their way through their winter checklist. Ensuring all heaters work, turning off the hose, leaving the faucets to drip. Winter entails a lot of extra chores that we are freed from in the summertime. Here’s an easy winterizing checklist to help ensure you have all your bases covered for the chaotic snowstorms ahead.

  1. Identify Problematic Areas

If you’ve lived in the home for a while, you’ve likely already identified some areas that give you the most problems. Do mice nest in your garage come wintertime? Do the pipes freeze in your home? Does condensation build on the windows? Take note of the most troublesome aspects of your home, so you can strategize a winterizing plan that’s custom to your house.

  1. Rodent-Proof Your Home

One of the aspects that people often overlook when preparing the home for winter is pests. Pests become far more problematic when the weather gets cold, as they’re rushing indoors to find warmth. Do away with mice before they become a problem. Scout out all holes or cracks in your home that could serve as an entryway for rodents, and either professionally seal them or stuff them with steel wool. Set mouse traps throughout the garage, where rodents are most likely to enter, and be sure to keep all food, including pet food, in sealed containers.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

A critical part of winterizing that’s often forgotten is thoroughly cleaning the gutters. Water needs to be able to flow freely through gutters, or else you’ll be left with large icicles and ice dams, which can weigh down on the gutters and break them.

  1. Apply Window Insulation Film to Your Windows

Window insulation film is an incredibly cost-effective way to improve the heat retention of your home, without having to upgrade your windows. The film lays flat across the windows and can help to keep upwards of 70 percent of heat from leaking out.

  1. Put Draft Guards on All Doors
A lot of heat is lost through cracks in the bottoms of doors, and draft guards can significantly reduce heat loss. They are inexpensive and simply attach to the bottom of the door to help seal heat in the home.
  1. Stock Up on Food and Necessities

Chances are, you’ll find yourself snowed in at least a couple times in the season ahead. Weathering the storm in search of food and household supplies simply isn’t safe or necessary. Be prepared ahead of time by stockpiling extras of all your daily necessities, so you’ll be prepped for even the wildest of winter snowstorms.

Winter is almost here, and now is the ideal time to begin prepping your home for the snowstorms ahead. You need to ensure your home is ready to handle the ice and snow, as well as the cold fronts which inevitably cause your heating costs to rise. Additionally, you should be fully stocked on bulk food and household supplies, in the event you’re snowed in. Begin planning your hibernation stockpile by searching our vast array of bulk household supplies.