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Leveraging Social Media to Boost your Small Business

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-09-06 6:00 am --

Want to advertise the services that your small business provides with low cost marketing? Look into Social Media! Social media provides a forum for businesses to create an online presence that extends beyond the walls of your storefront and into the lives of your potential customers. A social media campaign that is executed correctly can build your clientele and spread the word about your business often without negatively impacting your bottom line or taking money out of your pocket. Below are some tips to leverage free social media sites to boost your business.

Create an Online Presence
There are many social networking sites out there that offer the ability for small businesses to create an online profile describing your services. Leverage all of those sites and ask that your employees sign up and associate themselves with your business. The more your potential clients can learn about your business, its employees, and its services, the better chance you have of them feeling comfortable enough to trust you with their business needs.

Consistency Is Key
There are many sites out there that target different audiences, but it is important that on each site, the message about your business is consistent. LinkedIn, for example, targets business professionals who often have established business contacts and a wealth of experience. LinkedIn is used by busy professionals to build and grow a network, and often to find job opportunities. Facebook, on the other hand, is a more social tool that is used more for entertainment then true business transactions. Create a presence on all of the social media sites that you can, but ensure that you consistently brand your business with a common message across all platforms. You do not want to confuse customers or potential clients who have accounts on all these sites.

Your Message is Contagious!
Social media is a great way to quickly spread the word about any promotions that you are offering and will surely get customers in the door. Advertising a promotion to your Facebook "fans" or to your LinkedIn "connections" or to your Twitter "followers" has an infectious and contagious element to it because each of your contacts on those social media platforms have their own networks, and often your message can reach beyond your own contacts and to the networks 2 or 3 degrees away. Advertising a promotion through social media is a quick way to get some "buzz" around your business and what you can offer.

Stay Current
Everytime you update the offerings of your small business, be sure to update all of the social media sites on which you are listed. You never know who may be lurking on those sites and looking for something specific that your company has just begun to offer. Stay current, do not let your content get stale, and you will be sure to lure in key customers who are seeking your new services.

Social media is a growing industry and the business world is still realizing its benefits. Following these few tips can help you to stay on the cutting edge and ensure that you do not leave your potential new clients in the dark. Good luck!

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