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Love Is in the Air: Preparing Your Online Store for Valentine's Day

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-01-11 3:01 pm --

Winter has always been a particularly romantic season. With gentle holiday music flowing from the radios, snow delicately dusting the streets, and the warmth of a natural fire to curl up beside at nights, it’s a season that often brings two lovebirds closer. With Valentine’s Day just six weeks out, lovesick souls are already planning their big romantic gestures. Here’s a guide to help you prepare your online store for Valentine’s Day, so you can squeeze the most profit out of the holiday.

Offer Fast Delivery

A whopping 59 percent of people prefer to buy their Valentine’s Day gifts online, so this holiday is particularly lucrative for online merchants. However, with the entire web as your competition, you need to be able to offer fast delivery to compete. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that many wait until the last minute to shop for, with 51 percent of gifts purchased just a few days in advance. Advertise your rapid delivery directly in all digital advertisements, so customers know they can count on you for last-minute gift ideas.

Be Practical About What to Sell

Flowers, candy, baked goods, and gift baskets are all Valentine’s Day favorites, but they may not be practical or cost-effective for you to sell. Crunch the numbers in advance to see whether shipping perishable gifts like food and flowers is a worthwhile investment for your company. If your online store doesn’t regularly sell these products, it may require too much preparation to be worth it.

Incentivize Early Shopping

Encourage people to shop for their Valentine’s Day gifts early by offering added incentives. Your advertisements can contain language like, “Start shopping early to avoid the rush!,” or “Buy your sweetheart a gift today before the Valentine’s Day price hikes.” This will encourage customers to get a jumpstart on their shopping, so your store isn’t overwhelmed with orders at the very last minute.


Prepare Your Website for a Surge in Traffic

Websites are equipped to handle a certain amount of traffic, and exceeding capacity can result in slow operating speeds for customers. eCommerce stores are anticipated to experience more Valentine’s Day sales this year than any year preceding, so you need to be prepared in order to fully leverage site traffic and sales. Websites need to aim for 99.5 percent capacity, according to Dave Karow from Keynote. You should conduct a load test well in advance of the rush to ensure your website continues to operate seamlessly, even at peak capacity.

Valentine’s Day is a profitable holiday for online retailers, as the majority of shoppers choose to purchase their gifts online. Customers tend toward romantic items like flowers, jewelry, and massages, all of which can easily be sold by online venders. The key to making the most of the holiday is preparing your website in advance, so you can be sure to accommodate the surge in traffic.

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