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Make your Work Available

-- 2012-02-28 3:00 am --

If you run a business in a service or private contracting field, if you're a freelance graphic designer or a broker for article writers, the most important thing you can do to get more work is to make your past accomplishments visible and available.

A cartoonist, for instance, who draws a graphic novel one year and charges $20 a download might earn some modest returns on his investment, but he's not winning any new clients by hiding his crowning achievement behind a twenty dollar price tag.

If you have an impressive resume, if you can ace an interview, that's great, but all of that is complimentary to having a powerful body of work behind you, and making all of that work as visible and as accessible as possible is absolutely going to help you earn new clients, new business and make more sales.

There are a few things that you can do to make your work a little easier for clients and customers to see.

1. Start a Hub

A hub of some sort is really a requisite. Not a traditional website or blog necessarily but a one-stop shop for people to find all of your past work. It could include a link to some Youtube videos you've done, articles you've written, eBooks you've published or your webcomic. Occasionally you'll want to link a prospective client specifically to your blog or your eBook or a certain video, but in general, you'll do well to have a place where people can go to look at everything you've done that's worth looking at.

2. Produce More and Better Work

When you take all of your accomplishments, all of your output and lay it out end to end, you may be a little disappointed. Some of it perhaps isn't as good as you remember and maybe there's not all that much of it. The only solution to this is to keep trying. You might wind up with nine articles you're not very proud of for every one that you are, but you'll only get the good stuff by taking the risk that you might make something crummy, too.

3. Keep it Simple

Any more than a dozen or so links and you're really overwhelming people. If you have a lot of stuff to show off, keep it under subcategories so that they don't get overwhelmed. A video section, an art section and a writing section, for instance, can be a big help in providing a greater depth of content without throwing too much at browsers at once. Another option is to simply keep it down to a greatest hits collection of sorts. If you want to turn a friend on to a favorite band, you play them a few of your favorite songs, you don't just start them off on their debut album and tell them to listen to everything they've ever produced.

Focus, productivity and being brutally honest with yourself are three things that will help you to produce a great timeline of your work and win more clients and more sales.