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May No Soldier Go Unloved

By: Marc Joseph-- 2011-09-02 4:00 am --

Marc Joseph, Author; CEO/President and Founder, DollarDays International, Inc has created a new article for The Huffington Post.

This is the slogan used by the non-profit, volunteer-led organization Soldiers Angels that has been assisting families of veterans and veterans deployed, wounded and moving back into society. These volunteers are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of soldiers, as well as regular Americans who know the sacrifices our military makes to keep all of us safe.

For most Americans, we really are not affected by the sacrifices our military makes for their country, and as important, the sacrifices their families make. Sure when we see them in uniform at the airport, we feel proud, but then the moment passes as we move on with our lives.

Military.com reported earlier this month that 12.4 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan vets are unemployed, 3 percent higher than the national average. CBS MoneyWatch.com reported that vets' unemployment in Michigan is at 29.4 percent, in Indiana at 23.6 percent and in Minnesota at 22.9 percent. Why is this not headlining news?

Head over to The Huffington Post to read the entire article.