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Memorial Day Party Planning on a Budget

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-05-27 6:00 am --
The United States has been recognizing Memorial Day since May of 1966. Established by former president Lyndon B. Johnson, and initially called Decoration Day, it’s an annual occasion dedicated to remembering our nation’s finest troops who dedicated and lost their lives fighting for our country. Here are some ideas to help you throw a great Memorial Day celebration, while remaining within your budget.

Make It Potluck-Style

Memorial Day takes place just as the weather is warming up across the country, making it a prime opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun with an outdoor barbeque. To scale back your spending, host a potluck-style barbeque, and encourage your family and friends to each bring a side dish or dessert to share. It will lower your food budget, while increasing the selection of food, making it a win-win for all involved.

Order Party Supplies in Bulk

When planning a Memorial Day party, oftentimes the greatest expense is the decorations. To make Memorial Day festive, you need an array of patriotic-themed décor to set the scene. By purchasing your party supplies in bulk, you can trim the cost, while having a beautiful array of vibrant decorations to garnish your outdoor bash.

Memorial Day shopping lists can include:

  • Festive banners and tablecloths,
  • Red, white, and blue eating utensils, plates, and cups,
  • Decorations like flags, balloons, and streamers,
  • Grill-able meats and veggies,
  • An array of cold beverages,
  • Ice, ice, and more ice!

Send Out Digital Invitations

Making invitations by hand is time-consuming, expensive, and somewhat outdated. Leverage modern technology to your benefit by creating digital invites to send to your family and friends. You can make the invitations in a word document, adding pictures and special fonts, creating customized invitations that are attractive and festive. 

Choose a Cheap of Free Venue

The venue is perhaps the most critical consideration. Take into account the potential for inclement weather, your personal budget, the size of your party, and the accessibility needs of those in attendance. If you’re seeking a low-cost venue, consider hosting the celebration in your own backyard. For larger parties, renting out the veranda in a park may be a more viable option. If members of the party are wheelchair-restricted, take into account the accessibility of the venue accommodations.

Prepare for the Worst

Nothing is worse than spending weeks planning a party, only to have your outdoor barbeque rained out. Plan for the worst by stocking up on raingear and supplies. Bring ponchos, umbrellas, and tarps in the event of poor weather, as well as sunscreen and canopies in case the sun is beating down. Ensure you have an indoor location prepared should weather take a negative turn.

Planning the Entertainment

While many choose to utilize Memorial Day as an opportunity to relax and convene with friends, it’s also important to reflect on the true meaning of the day. Incorporate a Memorial Day-themed activity, like an educational trivia game to remind everybody of the significance of the occasion.

Memorial Day is just a couple of days away, marking a special occasion where people across the U.S. can join together in celebration, appreciation, and recognition of the courageous troops who gave their lives for our freedom. Many choose to celebrate the occasion by coming together with family and friends, expressing gratitude for one another, and sharing in a meal. This year, show your patriotism by celebrating with a neighborhood party. Explore a variety of unique and festive Memorial Day decorations, so you can add a flare of patriotism to your Memorial Day barbeque.