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Money-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

-- 2011-11-21 2:00 am --

Opening and running a small business is an exciting new venture with many opportunities for those who are entrepreneurial or business-minded. Although it's important for them to invest in the business, small business owners should also be careful how and where they spend. Start-up costs can add up fast and it may take a few months to start turning a profit. The savvy small business owner incorporates money-strategies into every area of the business, whenever possible. Doing so allows them to manage cash flow and cost in order to prevent financial problems from occurring early in the business.

Only Buy What You Need

Purchases and expenditures should be carefully planned. In order to grow, small businesses need to advertise and this can get costly. Instead of paying to have a commercial made and aired throughout the metropolitan area, small business owners can have signage made and posted for much less money. Office supplies are another area where small business owners can save money. Rather than buying a desktop computer for each employee, they should buy only the amount needed for the employees who truly require a computer to complete their work.

Shop Creatively

Owners of small businesses can benefit by shopping creatively. Retail office supply stores have to turn a profit, too. Business owners can save money by shopping at discount or outlet stores, as well as from auctions. Discount stores often carry discontinued products that are completely functional but have been replaced by the latest, greatest design. These types of shopping alternatives can save money by cutting costs or by getting small business owners a larger amount of product for the normal price.

Barter and Negotiate

Small businesses open all the time. By working together, small business owners can save each other money through bartering and negotiating. A small business that makes signage and another one that sells office supplies can barter to take care of business needs without adding cost. Additionally, the small business owner should always negotiate price when possible. Although retail chains aren't likely to negotiate, there's a lot of room for negotiation in auction-based business and with other small business owners.

Reuse and Recycle

When other businesses upgrade supplies and equipment, or go out of business, they usually liquidate in order to bring in some cash. Liquidation sales are an effective way for small business owners to obtain the supplies and equipment they need for their businesses without buying them brand new. These sales can be found in newspapers and are advertised on the businesses themselves.

Buy or Ship in Bulk

Bulk purchases save the small business owner money because the high number of items being purchased brings the total price down. Bulk rates can be taken advantage of for buying things such as office supplies or when shipping packages and mailing items to customers.

Business owners might not think that saving a few dollars here and there is a big deal. But over the course of the year, these savings can add up and have a positive impact on their bottom line.