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Mother's Day Gifts That Keep On Giving

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-05-04 8:30 am --

Mother’s Day is about a week away, and families everywhere are busily preparing gallant gestures to express their love and appreciation for the women that raised them. Mothers work tirelessly to provide both economically and emotionally for their children, and Mother’s Day is the one holiday specifically dedicated to showing moms how much they mean to us. This Mother’s Day, cater to the maternal and nurturing instincts of your mother by purchasing a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. 

  1. Kiva: Kiva is a microloan agency that offers zero-interest microloans to low-income entrepreneurs across the world. By giving your mom a Kiva gift card, she can browse through the stories of thousands of entrepreneurs globally, loaning money to entrepreneurs in the developing world that will help them to improve their economic positions.
  2. Chocolates: If there is anything virtually all women love, it’s chocolate. Chocolate is one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, and with some chocolate companies, the giving goes so much further. Compartes is a chocolate company that donates a portion of all sales to women’s centers in Darfur. With a variety of rich and decadent fillings like salted pretzel, caramelized plantain, cardamom coconut, and Kenyan coffee, you can spoil your mother, while empowering the women of Darfur.
  3. Bulk donations: Contribute to the causes that resonate with your mother. By purchasing supplies in bulk, you can donate them to local nonprofit in her name, allowing you to provide a personal gift based on her unique interests and passions. In exchange for the donation, most nonprofits are also willing to mail a card, thanking the recipient for the donation.
  4. Hand-crafted artisan gifts: An organization called Bought Beautifully is dedicated to improving commerce and economic stability throughout Africa. They collect hand-crafted items including clothing, jewelry, and artwork, from artisans throughout remote villages in Africa. Your gift, in addition to being a beautiful and unique piece of art, will help to promote the economic stability of African villages.
  5. Gifts of Joy: Gifts of Joy is an organization that allows you to choose a gift to give to a person in a developing country. By purchasing a gift card for your mother, she can browse through a variety of gift options, and choose a donation that matters most to her. Between sending a soccer ball to a child in Latin America to offering Malaria treatment to a child in Africa, they have countless custom gifts to choose from.
  6. Oxfam America Unwrapped: Oxfam America Unwrapped offers a similar program as Gifts of Joy. With a gift card, your mom will be able to choose from countless gifts, like purchasing livestock for rural farmers, buying clothing and toys for children in the developing world, and more.

Moms are inherently nurturing, and by giving her a gift that gives back, both your mom and a nonprofit can benefit. You can customize your donation to fit your mother’s specific interest. Explore bulk supplies for homeless shelters, women’s shelters, hospitals, humane societies, and more, so you can give to the charities that matter most to your mom.