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Nine Tips for Keeping your Resolutions Alive!

By: Jackie Eldridge-- 2014-12-31 8:43 pm --

If your New Year's resolutions from last year are still resolutions, you're not alone. The new year offers another opportunity to try again! Here are nine tips to help keep your resolutions in motion all year long.

  1. A resolution needs to be something you really, really want; not a should or what your significant other wants.
  2. Don't go crazy making a long list. You can have one resolution or as many as three, but don't make your list so long that it becomes a burden and you end up putting a resolution or two on the back burner---that can cause stress and stress is what you're trying to eliminate.
  3. When you choose your resolution(s), be specific. For example, “I will write in my journal once a week,” Or “I will see my sister at least once a month,” etc. This provides a guideline but doesn't lock you into a tight schedule. This is called “wiggle room.”
  4. If you're planning on saving more money this year, have your bank automatically put your desired amount in your savings account each time your are paid . This way, if you don't see it, hopefully you won't miss it!
  5. Be nice to yourself. If you veer from your resolution schedule, don't worry about it. Give yourself a hug and get back on that horse.
  6. If you have to rearrange your schedule to get your resolutions in your life, think of what you can give up in order to have an extra hour each week for journaling or whatever your resolution may be.
  7. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, suggests that you visualize your goals. How about a sticky note on the fridge or your desk that reads “Journaling makes me happy.” Visualize equals energize!!
  8. Share your resolutions with people who can help empower you to achieve your goals. Every one needs a cheer team!
  9. Never give up. Taking the time to think about your future and the changes you'd like to see is a very courageous and powerful step in your life. Others admire you; your children will mirror your strength in their lives ahead. Even if you stumble a bit, you can always pick back up, And one day, your resolutions could be a permanent part of your life!