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Product of the Week - The DollarDays Top 100

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2009-10-27 1:00 am --

DollarDays sells a lot of stuff and that’s not just bluster. We have over 45,000 items on our site, and we work to make sure that each and every one of them performs to the utmost. So if you’re wondering what we sell most of, you’re in luck. For one week only, we’re running a huge sale on our top 100 selling items. If you buy today, you can get 20% off great seasonal items like wholesale flip flops, holiday items like Christmas Reindeer Lapel Pins and health products like wholesale heartburn medication.

That’s right! This week’s product of the week isn’t just one product, it’s 100 of DollarDays best-selling products. So peruse the selection and see what you like. Because getting these products that are already being offered at closeout prices products at an even better rate only happens once in a blue moon.

So head on over to DollarDays to buy our top 100 best-sellers of 2009!