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Put on Your Best Gloves

-- 2011-05-01 1:00 am --

Wearing all the hats seems to be the fashion trend of many new business owners who are running a one-person business operation. You are busy marketing to, meeting with, or supplying clients with your goods or services. Sometimes wearing all those hats can be like wearing a concrete block. Your neck is tired from carrying the heavy load of all those hats. There comes a time when you need to take off all of the hats and put on your best gloves.

You need to decide what your best gloves are. And, since you only have two hands, you can only choose one pair of gloves. Take a careful inventory of the many tasks that you are doing. Choose only two that you really enjoy doing and give away some of those hats.

For example, should you be spending valuable time putting stamps on promotional material when you could be personally handshaking community members at local business event? Is it really beneficial for you to be spending hours on a computer trying to design a website when someone who is more qualified can take care of that for you?
Do you really need to make all of the telephone calls personally?

Many self- employed business persons confess that because they are independent thinkers, they cannot conform to a fixed corporate structure. They are accustomed to wanting to manage everything and find it difficult to delegate. Sometimes these excellent independent business people hide behind the word “expense”. While using the cost of assistance as an excuse, the final result is failure due to wearing too many hats. A former President called that being “penny-wise and pound foolish.”

The challenge for the small business owner is to find which two gloves he or she is going to wear. Some people are very talented and can do many things. If you are one of those persons, then perhaps the task of finding the best two gloves will be a bit more difficult.
Providing yourself with a time line of when one pair of gloves will be worn and then put away may be a solution. Changing your tasks on seasonal basis can provide you with a different approach of doing a former task.

There are many places that can help you succeed with your business and are willing to share the hat wearing. The Internet provides lists of sources that can assist you with advice about insurance, laws, advertising, and grant money. Community groups such as your local SBA can also provide a great source of ideas as well as networking opportunities. Contacting your alderman’s office, community association, alumni associations and librarian have also been helpful places for the one-person operated businesses.

Just remember, put on your best gloves, and then knock them out with your best product or service!