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Quit the Rat Race Once and for All: 4 Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-05-11 7:00 am --

Many fantasize about abandoning the rat race. It’s a heavily romanticized idea, but one that most view as too impractical to pursue. While it may seem like a farfetched fairy tale, about three in 10 people have made self-employment their reality, according to the Pew Research Center. There are actually a lot of jobs that enable you to work when and where you want, many of which provide lucrative salaries with growth potential over the years.

Freelance Work

Median income: From $51,00 to $76,000 per year

There is no established income of a freelancer, due to the diverse range of work available. However, there are countless skills that could lend to freelance work, allowing people to perpetually find work and create a stable income. With freelance writing, editing, programming, web development, photography, and drawing available, you have the ability to leverage your hobbies and passions to generate a consistent income.

Travel Writing

Median income: $57,750 per year

Ever dreamed of travelling the world and getting paid for it? While it may sound too good to be true, there are a number of people who have managed to make a living at it. With a median income just below $60,000, you can make good money, provided you travel cheaply and live frugally while away. Travel writing usually includes tourist reviews, travel brochures, and journalism, allowing you to put your talent of writing to a versatile array of tasks.

Online Post-Secondary Teachers

Median income: $62,000 per year

If you’re credentialed in the area of teaching, then an online post-secondary teaching job offers a lucrative income that you can earn from anywhere. Online college courses, both accredited and non-accredited, have been exploding over the years, with the number of students exceeding 6.7 million per year. As an online professor, you have the freedom to work from wherever you are, providing you with the flexibility you need to travel and work from home.

E-Commerce Store

Median income: From $31,000 to $97,000

The income of e-commerce store managers ranges drastically, particularly because many choose to do the work part-time. For full-time workers, it can offer a very stable income source, allowing people to make upwards of six figures, while working the hours that fit their lifestyle. To make money as an e-commerce store, you need to consider your profit margin. By finding a wholesale provider with excellent merchandise and competitive bulk pricing, you can earn a higher profit margin, enabling you to make more money with less work.

The freedom that self-employment offers is widely desired. Not only can you pick your own hours and create a better work-life balance, but you can travel the world, work from remote locations, and spend more time with friends and family. There are a lot of high paying careers that can be conducted from home, including operating an e-commerce store. With incomes that often reach six figures for full-time workers, e-commerce stores provide you with flexibility over your hours, personal autonomy, and an excellent revenue source.

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