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Save Money on Clothes

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-04-23 2:00 am --

While you may always be on the lookout to save money, there are times when you simply have to buy something. Clothing is one example of an item that will at some point have to be replaced. Here are some tips to help you save money the next time you find yourself in need of new clothes.

Be Proactive: Take Care with Laundering
The agitating action of the washing machine is what cleans your clothes, not the water temperature. While hot water is fine for items you want to sterilize, most of your clothes can be safely washed in cold water. The color on your clothes will last longer, and your utility bills will thank you, as well.

Hit Department Store Clearance Racks
There is a natural inclination to buy clothes at discount stores when you are trying to save some cash. They have the best prices on paper products and cleaning goods; why wouldn’t they have the best prices on shirts and slacks, too? While the prices may be the lowest around, the quality will also be low. Clothes from your local discount stores will be made from lower quality fabric and threads, meaning that you will have more seams opening up. They will quickly lose their shape, and before long you will find yourself dissatisfied with the items.

However, when you visit your local department store and hit the clearance racks you will be able to purchase high quality, name brand clothing at discount prices. It is not uncommon to find clothes marked down seventy and eighty percent at the department stores. You will spend the same amount of money as you would have at the discount store, but you will be thrilled with the higher quality. Not only will the clothes last longer, but your pleasure with them will also stick around.

Local Thrift Stores
Thrift stores are a great alternative; especially when you are shopping for growing children or kids who are particularly hard on their clothes. It is not uncommon to find name brand outerwear that has barely been worn selling at ninety percent off its’ retail price. These are also great places to find children’s clothes that have barely been worn as people will donate those clothes that are outgrown too quickly.

Ebay for Professional Business Attire
There is a growing trend among professional women to sell off their business suits on Ebay and other online auction sites. Business attire is extremely expensive, rarely gets dirty and winds up on Ebay (or in thrift stores) when people get tired of it. For seventy to eighty percent off from the retail price you can pick up a stylish professional suit.

Dye Faded Jeans
Black and dark blue clothes, especially jeans, tend to fade over time. If you are required to have these items for work and find yourself constantly fighting the fade, consider dying them. This can save you substantial amounts of money compared to constantly replacing your dark colored uniforms.

Saving money when you’re buying clothes isn’t difficult. It may take a little more time. However the result of saving your hard earned money will make it well worth the extra effort.