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Seize the Summer: These 7 Tips Will Keep Your Children Engaged

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-04-29 8:30 am --

Learning needn’t be confined to the school year. The summertime is brimming with educational opportunities just waiting to be seized. Studies have long shown that children who are active and involved throughout the year tend to perform better academically. This summer, claim every opportunity to keep your children engaged by weaving education into everyday activities.

  1. Visit the library. Libraries provide a valuable resource, enabling parents to supply their children with unlimited educational resources at no cost. In addition to offering a vast selection of books, libraries often offer workshops and educational activities for children. Check the calendar of your local library to see if you can enroll your children in field trips, art classes, and other educational activities.
  2. Volunteer with your kids. Volunteering is a phenomenal way to keep children engaged, while giving back to the community. Volunteer work can encourage empathy development, teach vital life skills, promote socialization, and instill a sense of responsibility in youth. Teach your children about the importance of giving back by donating bulk supplies to nonprofits in need. You and your children can have fun exploring a vast array of daily necessities and arranging them into care packages for nonprofits in your community.
  3. Get outside. Summer can rapidly turn from a sunny adventure to a sluggish time on the couch. Encourage children to stay outside as much as possible by planning a variety of outdoor activities. Spending time outside and remaining active has been shown to improve both the cognitive and emotional health of children.
  4. Enroll children in day camp. Day camps are essential for working families, as they provide an economical way to provide supervision to children, while ensuring the children are socializing and learning throughout the day. Day camps offer the ideal balance between learning and fun, so children can improve their academic skills, while engaging in exciting adventures with friends.
  5. Incorporate learning into everyday activities. Virtually every activity and chore has the potential to improve learning. Cooking can increase reading comprehension and math skills by encouraging children to read recipes and measure ingredients. Nature walks can teach children about geology, insects, and botany, while giving them a greater appreciation for the environment. Find ways to incorporate learning into your everyday activities, so children can continue to thrive throughout the summer months.
  6. Support their artistic inclinations. Children love arts and crafts, and studies indicate that craft time is critical to the cognitive development of children. Stock up on craft supplies this summer, so your children can enjoy their downtime creating macaroni masterpieces.
  7. Foster a pet. If you really want to keep your children busy, and are willing to compromise some space in your home, fostering a pet can teach children responsibility, animal welfare, and increased compassion. Fostering a pet is easier than owning a pet, as it’s a temporary situation and shelters typically provide financial reimbursement for any pet supplies you use.

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the last of winter’s snow is slowing melting from the peaks. Summertime is almost here, and it provides the ideal opportunity to combine athleticism, creativity, and education, to give your children an enriching season they’ll never forget. This summer, seize every spare moment to educate your children, so they enjoy greater emotional and cognitive wellbeing.