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Six Items to Welcome Home Your New Pet

-- 2011-07-19 2:00 am --

Welcoming a new puppy into your home can be a fun event for both children and adults alike, but pets require a lot of responsibility and certain supplies to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. Here is a list of six items to have on hand before you bring your new family member home.

1.) Puppy Food
The first thing you will need for your new puppy is good food to help him grow big and strong. Sunshine Premium Formula Puppy Food assists with muscle development with essential nutrients for healthy bones and joints and comes in convenient portioned pouches to make sure you feed your new pet just the right amount of food.

2.) Training Pads
One of the very first things you will need to teach your new puppy is when and where to “do his business”. This process can take a bit of time and, while your puppy is still learning, you will want to protect your floors and furniture from any accidents. These puppy pads can be laid over the floors in a small room to give your puppy a place to go while you are in the process of house training him.

3.) Leashes
Part of the process of house training your new puppy will involve going on many walks. It’s also a great way to give your rambunctious puppy a productive outlet for his energy that doesn’t include chewing on your best dress shoes. Purchasing a good leash for these walks is vital to make sure your new puppy is kept safe while you show him around his new neighborhood.

4.) Pet Beds
After all that walking, your new companion is going to need a place to take a nap. If you don’t want him sleeping on your sofa, then you need to give him a designated spot to rest. A roomy and soft pet bed will give your pet somewhere comfortable to sleep and hopefully keep him off of your furniture.

5.) Pet Brushes
If your new puppy is a long haired breed of dog, you will need to brush him daily to keep his fur from matting and to reduce the collection of hair and pet dander in your home. Brushing is even enjoyable for shorter haired breeds as it can calm and relax even the most high strung dog.

6.) Pet Shampoo
Any dog that spends time outdoors, even if just a short walk every day, needs regular bathing to keep him clean and healthy. Oils that collect in your dogs fur can mat his hair and create painful tangles that can take time and money to remove. While some dogs are reluctant to bathe, many enjoy a warm bath and getting scrubbed by their owner. A clean puppy is often a happy, playful puppy.