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Small Business Startup Tips

-- 2011-04-06 3:00 am --

All small businesses have some financial hurdles they have to overcome. But by following these proven tips and techniques, most every small business owner can start to save substantial amounts of money in operating his business.

Establish an Online Business Presence

No matter what type or small business an individual is involved with, whether it's product or service oriented, he needs to immediately establish a strong website to make potential customers aware of his very existence and to help increase sales. Even a brick-and-mortar shop needs to establish a powerful online presence. The best way to do this is to have a website professionally designed. If money is tight, there are many very low cost sites online that easily walk the website owner through a streamlined process of building a website. Make it look as visually attractive as possible with nicely worded text and attractive, colorful icons.

Buy Items in Bulk

All small business owners in order to save money must learn that one of the best ways to do so is to buy all of their products in bulk. Buying the products on a small, individual scale is very costly, so it's necessary to find bulk suppliers of the type of product the business owner sells. He'll find that the price per item will be dramatically reduced in terms of his cost when he buys in bulk as opposed to buying in small retail batches. All businessmen can obtain excellent value and prices when buying inventory at bulk purchase rates. Shipping rates overall will also be much lower when buying items in bulk.

Establish Orders on Credit

To conserve cash, which is usually in limited supply for new small business owners, simply try to establish credit orders from all the vendors that the small businessman deals with. It can be something as straightforward and common as 30 days net payment after delivery. Buying on credit buys time to utilize the cash for other business aspects such as payroll and overhead operating expenses such as rent and utilities, which businessmen can't pay on credit. That's why it's essential to get credit extended on every single vendor a businessman is involved with, from his major product suppliers to his advertisers. Most companies will be very open to this because they also want to increase their revenue share of their target market.

Shop at Discount Supply Stores

Another superb way to conserve cash is by spending much less for a businessman's products at major discount chain stores. These are the major shopping clubs that have physical locations around the country. They have such a wide variety of products in stock for sale that the small businessman can even purchase and save on office supplies such as printer cartridges and reams of photocopying paper. These discount houses stock everything at the lowest possible prices, including electronic products, apparel, technical devices, food supplies, and even a wide range of pharmaceutical products that the small businessman can purchase for him and his family at tremendous savings so specific business funds don't have to be used for that.