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Small Business Suggestions

-- 2011-01-06 9:00 am --

Starting a small business can be a wonderful experience but it can also be challenging and time-consuming. There are a few suggestions; however, that can help when wanting to start a small business.

First, be sure to save as much money as possible before beginning a small business. A good plan is to save as much money as possible for this investment and also include your expenses for day to day living for at least a year. Once your business gets going, you will want to put back most of that money into your business so that you can pay for such things as operating space, advertising, insurance needs and equipment.

Then, begin your small business on a “small basis.” For instance, if you can work somewhere else and not have to rent a place, that will help. And, if you don’t need to hire employees right away, do what you can by yourself or with a family member or friend.

Another tip when considering a small business is to create a business plan. It is important to understand the need to know your profit numbers and creating a break-even analysis. A profit-an-loss forecast and a cash flow projection are also helpful. When you create a business plan you will also be able to project your start up costs and what marketing strategies you will need.

It is also vital to keep a competitive edge—knowing more than your competitors—and that can happen by creating a product that is difficult to duplicate, establishing your business in a great location, be effective in making and distributing your product, and giving excellent customer service. And, make sure to put all agreements in writing. It is also advised to seek legal counsel to ensure that your business begins and stays, in the up-and-up.

In addition, to keep your small business going and highly productive, hire good and competent people. A competent employee, who is motivated and positive, can be extremely valuable to your business. Of course, to hold on to such an employee, you will need to treat your employees fairly, professionally and with respect. It is a known fact that employees who are treated fairly and in a decent manner, will be more productive and attractive many more customers.

When it comes to advertising your small business keep your advertising focused on producing sales. Some successful businesses include offers in their advertising. And, when advertising, offer a lesser version of your product at a lower price. Many customers are not willing or unable to pay the asking price for a service or product. On the other hand, some customers are looking to buy a high quality product. Therefore, you can increase your revenue by also offering a more high quality, comprehensive product or service.