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Sneak peek: the anatomy of the NEW Dollardays.com

-- 2014-06-18 2:00 am --

We've all known it for sometime; years in fact. Our website needed a facelift. Not just a cosmetic one, but one that included the new technologies that had surfaced over the years, such as mobile adaptability. We wanted to create an inviting, user friendly experience.

That said, last December, DollarDays decided it was time to begin the process. That included creating an RFP (request for proposal), which is essentially pages and pages and pages of our demands, painstakingly prepared to send to digital agencies with hope they would respond. Seriously, with a website the size of DollarDays, there was more to consider for an RFP than we imagined.

Digital agencies vetted and selected, RFPs sent. Then the wait for proposals. We received nearly a dozen of proposals, each that once again, needed careful vetting by the website committee. We narrowed it down to about four agencies that came to our offices, gave their presentations and hoped for the win. Yep, more vetting. We had to cut through the miracle (or disaster) of presentations to dive deep and determine the agency that took the time to understand our business model, identify our strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to achieve our original goal: an inviting, user friendly experience.

The agency we chose was Resound Creative from Tempe, ARIZ. Mike Jones, principal, and our main contact, has been amazing throughout the process. His copywriter has worked hard to get the right messaging that aligns with who we are as a company, and his programmer has been more than amazing---he's been within arm's reach throughout the process of creating our new look. Resound Creative has simply been stellar.

In addition to the agency creating our new look, every person on the DollarDays redesign team has been in overdrive, vetting the process. Checking what's working, what could be better, what should be added or subtracted. Whew. And as of this very moment, we are STILL vetting and preparing for the official launch on July 1.

What we know for sure, a website (any website) is ALWAYS in beta! There's always more we can do to improve it. And no one knows better than Ryan Grange, our IT manager and programmer extraordinaire who logged hundreds and hundreds of hours to ensure the site is is a masterpiece.

Want a sneak peek? Click here. Enjoy. Let us know what you think.