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Sneak preview of the new DollarDays website!

-- 2014-05-23 1:00 am --

You may or may not know that DollarDays has been working on creating a new website since last year. We are getting incredibly close to launching a beautiful new site that is visually appealing, easier to navigate, has a personality and is fun! Resound Agency in Tempe, Ariz has been the harbinger of our success and we could have never done this enormous feat without their amazing creative direction.

Below are a few snippets of the site so you can get an idea of what the new DollarDays site will look like. Our color theme throughout the site is orange, blue and green---with a lot of white space!! The navigation has been improved to help you find what you're looking for must faster and easier. The products are displayed so that you can see more of them on one page and you can get a quick view of any product. Once you are logged in, depending on whether you are a consumer, business or non-profit, you can click on the correlating box and see the hottest products related to your customer type.

Pretty cool, right? We're so excited about it. We expect to launch it to the public in early July. Meanwhile, our coders are working night and day to make it as user friendly and full of personality as they possibly can!

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion! Pass it on!