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Spreading Holiday Cheer as a Small Business Owner

-- 2010-12-15 3:00 am --

Many small business owners are wondering how they can spread holiday cheer this year. As a business owner, you’ll need to choose activities that help you develop and maintain good interpersonal relationships with employees and business contacts. You’ll also want to use the holiday activities to help establish a positive public profile for your business. Moreover, you’ll want to project a professional image and use your resources wisely while you’re spreading Christmas cheer.

Here are some activities small business owners can easily use to spread holiday cheer:

  • Invite various community groups of different belief systems to hold their holiday celebration events at your place of business. This promotes goodwill in several ways, while saving your own resources.
  • “Adopt” someone: You can set up a donation campaign to help out a needy cause, local family, or local institute. Collect warm clothes, blankets, food, toys, or money throughout the days leading up to the holiday. Then either host a giveaway yourself or give the donations to specific charities to be distributed to the needy. However, if you collect food for the homeless, remember they have no way of cooking it. Most of all, remember to give out press releases before, during, and after the special events occur. This not only promotes your community image, it makes everyone involved feel extra special to see their names in print.
  • Give away practical, yet inexpensive gifts to everyone: Combine promoting your business with gift giving. Give out nice pen sets and other practical promotional items that are engraved with the company’s logo. Make sure the gift is something that can be used all year round, or that may easily be shared with others. For employees and special business contacts, engrave the item with something that will have personal meaning to them instead of your company logo. This will make each feel special, yet not cost a small fortune.
  • Cut decorating expenses by encouraging employees to decorate their own work spaces with items brought from home. Or increase your community goodwill by letting a local elementary school or your customers submit decorations for public display.
  • Save time, fuel, and energy: Combine tasks as much as possible. Arrange errands so they are all in the same area. Do your shopping online whenever you can. While you’re online, send out e-greeting cards and holiday newsletters, to both, personal and business contacts. Be sure to include your seasonal sales information in those business holiday newsletters! You can also save resources by turning your office party into an employee potluck buffet.

These are just a few of the numerous ways you, as a small business owner, can spread holiday cheer. If you put your mind to it, you’ll probably come up with some creative ideas too. If you get stuck for ideas, then try polling your employees for their opinions. After all, no one knows better than you and your employees just what you are or are not willing to do to spread holiday cheer.