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Stewie has a favor to ask of pet lovers

By: Jackie Eldridge-- 2015-10-21 12:08 pm --

I just don't know how it happened. I was doing my usual thing, playing in the park while my mom kept a watchful eye over me (even though her phone looked like it had some captivating stuff on it!). A few friends showed up and we played and played, with tennis balls and Frisbees mostly. We did enjoy a few awesome games of chase.

Actually, when I look back on this fateful day, I think it may have been the chase that got me in trouble. There was a new guy at the park that day. I didn't really know him, but he seemed friendly. I was chasing him and the next thing I knew, I was lost. Not my neighborhood! The new guy had vanished and there I was, roaming the streets. It was dark now and I knew my mom would be worried sick about me, and I missed her terribly. I was hungry too. It got late, so I found some soft bushes to snuggle into for the night and fell asleep. When morning came, I was so scared that I ran into the street and almost got hit by a car. Minutes later, a nice lady pulled up in her big truck, got out and started walking toward me, slowly. I was so happy to see someone that I ran up to her and hugged her. She hugged me back.

She put me in her truck and took me to a big place that had lots of other dogs there, all locked up in cages. She put me in a cage too. All I wanted was to go home and see my mom. My cage had two soft fleece blankets in it, so I took a nap. When I woke up, they fed me some kibble, gave me some water and took a magic wand and swooshed it over my shoulders several times. I was sleepy again and dozed off, only to wake up to the sound of my mom's voice.

I was elated. My tail was wagging so fast that it could have dusted every table in our house. My mom found me, thanks to the chip in my shoulder that I got as a puppy. To this day, my mom and I are so thankful for the pet shelter that saved my life and reunited us. 

If you love a pet, like my mom loves me, please consider nominating a pet shelter from your town to win in DollarDays' $5,000 Facebook Merchandise Giveaway for Pet Shelters. Every shelter can use warm blankets, toys, cleaning supplies and even treats. 

Please help a shelter

Thank you,

Stewie the dog