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Stuff More Stockings with Less Money: Follow These Tips to Save Big!

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-11-23 7:00 am --

Ah, stockings. A hallmark of the holidays and one that sends a warm feeling through the bodies of many. There are few things more relaxing and reminiscent of past years then seeing a string of stockings hanging delicately above the fireplace. But, for those with large families or those who are offering stockings to their employees, students, or a local nonprofit, stuffing all those stockings can be time-consuming and costly. Here are some tips to make stuffing stockings a little easier this time around.

Collaborate with Friends

It’s not just you who has to conquer the task of stuffing innumerable stockings. Your friends and neighbors have the same task presented to them. You can all save money and time by collaborating to conquer your stocking list together. Since stockings usually contain general items, like candy and baked goods, it’s easy to collaborate, since items don’t need to be geared toward individual wish lists.

Stick to the Basics

The whole idea of stockings is to fill them with small items that aren’t too costly. Stockings are more of a teaser to get children excited before the real gift-giving begins. With that in mind, stick to the basics. Have some fun stocking stuffers like candy and a couple small toys or keychains, as well as a few practical items like fuzzy socks and lip balm.

Conduct Your Shopping Online

The biggest pain of stockings is the endless array of items they contain. If you need to stuff six stockings, each containing about eight items, that’s 48 different items you need to purchase! Depending on what you intend to put in the stockings, this could have you running to numerous different stores simply to fill your stockings – not to mention the rest of your shopping list! Skip the lines at the store by doing all your shopping on the Internet instead. You’ll save ample time, and you’ll be able to price compare much more efficiently, allowing you to save some money as well.

Buy Stocking Stuffers in Bulk

Particularly if you’re stuffing stockings for a classroom or at a nonprofit, you’ll have a lot to fill, and the cost can add up quickly. Since you’ll likely be putting similar items into each stocking, it makes it easy to purchase items in bulk, allowing you to cut costs considerably. For families, collaborating with neighbors and friends will allow you to fulfil all your stocking needs, while accessing the lowest bulk rates.

Stockings are a beloved holiday tradition that allow children and adults to exchange small, memorable trinkets and candy before moving on to the larger gifts. Yet, despite their small size, each stocking can be costly to fill, particularly if you have several to hang. By purchasing stocking stuffers in bulk, you’ll save a lot of money, while having the opportunity to conduct your shopping from home. Visit DollarDays to explore an array of the best stocking stuffers at low bulk prices.