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Super Size Your Internet Sales Revenue

-- 2011-09-13 5:00 am --

If you want to earn more money from your online marketing efforts, try increasing the value of individual sales. Easier said than done you say? Perhaps, but there are many ways to encourage bigger purchases and increase your Internet sales revenue.

Offer Bigger Ticket Items

Do you know the amount of your average sale? Using that figure as a baseline, offer more expensive options. Just seeing big ticket prices will anchor the higher numbers in your prospect's mind, driving up the amount of money he will be willing to spend.

For example, let's say your average sale is $40. Make sure every customer sees a $100 offering in the course of visiting your homepage or completing a purchase. This will put prospects in a mood to spend more, and with bigger options available, makes it more likely you'll sell these big ticket items.

Offer Volume Discounts

Usually it won't cost you much more to process and ship multiples of the same item, so take advantage of every opportunity to present a volume discount and drive up the total value of an order.

If your customer is buying a box of pens, see if she will buy five boxes with a 15% discount. If she thinks that pink t-shirt is a great deal at $8, maybe she would like the blue and yellow ones too when you can combine them all for $20.

Extend Your Contracts

If you sell a product or service that customers use on a recurring basis, create long term contracts that lock in a great price for your customer. You have probably seen many of these contracts which offer a monthly price, a quarterly price, and a deeply discounted annual price.

Long term contracts paid up front can help you raise money fast for new endeavors. And they ensure you will have future volume that gives you leverage with your suppliers.

Just be sure that you aren't promising what you cannot deliver. Be careful about locking yourself into low-profit pricing in markets where the pricing can change quickly.

Bundle Products and Services

Perhaps the best way to super size your sales revenue is to combine complementary purchases into bundles. Someone buying dog food may also need treats and flea collars. That new purse may coordinate well with a pair of shoes. Look at your stock and consider ways to bundle small purchases into a package that drives up the total purchase.

Making the sale is a challenge in any economy, but these days making the most of every sale seems more important than ever. Every little bit you can add to each transaction matters. Take a look at your website and see where you can apply these tips to increase your Internet sales revenue.