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Support Your Community With Small Business Saturday

By: Maria Werner-- 2015-11-24 2:15 pm --

Saturday, November 28, 2015

When people hear about great savings, they respond like a dog to Pavlov’s bell. The desire to save money is so pervasive that terms like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Money” have become permanently etched into the minds of consumers. With the financial stress of the holidays, November savings are more crucial than ever. Yet, Black Friday and Cyber Monday cater primarily to big-box stores, and small businesses scarcely draw the same crowds. This Saturday, show some love to your local mom-and-pop stores by participating in Small Business Saturday.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is a shopping extravaganza that is intended to bring awareness to small businesses and strengthen the local economy. Occurring the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it encourage shoppers to patronize the small stores in their neighborhood, while enabling small businesses to maximize on the busiest and most profitable time of the year. While Small Business Saturday isn’t as ubiquitous as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it has the potential to strengthen the finances of local entrepreneurs, while providing consumers an opportunity to step outside of their ordinary shopping routine.                                                                                           

Strengthen Your Local Economy

Small businesses are central to the economy, providing 55 percent of all jobs and about 40 percent of all retail sales. And yet, many shoppers still flock to big-box stores in pursuit of gifts and merchandise. Use Small Business Saturday as an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the products and services of local businesses, and visit stores you’ve never previously shopped in. You’ll often find that local businesses offer competitive pricing and a superior quality of merchandise. 

Find Sentimental Gifts for Family and Friends

Small businesses provide a more relaxed shopping experience, allowing you to avoid the crowded aisles and time-consuming lines. They also offer unique and personalized gifts that are difficult to find through larger companies. While big-box stores tend to sell mass-produced items that lack sentimental value, smaller businesses can provide you with handcrafted and unique gifts that will be more meaningful to those you love. From artwork and crafts to handmade lotions and soaps, mom-and-pop stores offer a range of thoughtful gifts that will be remembered for years to come.

Strengthen Your Community Connections

Shopping at local businesses is a great way to connect with your community and get to know your neighbors. Big-box stores are often swarming with staff, making it difficult to forge relationships with each employee. With small businesses, you can get to know each staff member personally and enjoy personalized customer service that will exceed your expectations. 

Despite the vast contribution small businesses make to the economy, many fail to generate the same holiday income that big-box stores benefit from. By supporting Small Business Saturday, you can strengthen your local economy, form relationships with your community, and access a superior quality of goods and services. Only half of small businesses remain open within the first five years. This Saturday, strive to change that statistic by patronizing the small stores in your neighborhood that need your business most.

Thank you, from DollarDays. We love and support small business year 'round.