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Survive the Summer Lull with These 4 Marketing Tips

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-06-10 6:00 am --

Summertime is here, and it often brings with it an inevitable lull in sales. In the summertime, people want to be spending their days outside, playing in the sun, rather than meandering aisles inside a gloomy store. This makes it harder than ever to draw in traffic. Here are some expert marketing tips that will help you bash the summer lull and enjoy consistent profits all year long.

Offer Summertime In-Store Events

For adults, work doesn’t stop in the summer. In fact, our lives go on as normal, as though nothing has even changed. While that may be so, most still feel young at heart, and summertime reminds them of the free summers in between school when they’d relax and hang out with their friends. Because of that, even adults tend to relax and engage in hobbies more frequently in summer.

You need to make your store engaging to keep people coming in. If your store is viewed as just another errand to cross off the list, you’ll be less likely to draw in customers. Spice up your store displays and mannequins with attractive summer themes. Offer in-store events and activities that will get people excited about your brand. Consider hosting a raffle for a summer-specific item, like a free kayak or mountain bike. No matter your niche, it will draw people into your store and increase the likelihood of summertime sales.

Increase Phone-Based Marketing

While studies indicate that consumers spend about 20 percent of their time on their cellphones, advertisers are only targeting about 4 percent of their ads there. In the summer, people will spend even less time on computers and in front of the TV, and more time outdoors playing in the sun. You need to reach your customers where they are. By investing more in phone-based marketing, you can reach customers while their out and about, and increase brand awareness all summer long.

Maximize on Tourists

No matter the location, summertime often brings tourists out of the woodwork and into the stores. While the locals may have postponed their chores for the summer, tourists love to shop and pick up mementos that remind them of their travels. Prepare for the tourists by stocking your shelves with an array of location-specific memorabilia.

Offer Summer Savings

If nothing else, the ability to save money is enough to get people to drop what they’re doing and go to the store. Offer discounts and savings on your products and services to get people into your store. By wowing them with your amazing business, you can boost word-of-mouth marketing and increase summer sales. To offer in-store sales without compromising your profits, find a wholesale seller that offers fair pricing. You can access the lowest bulk deals, enabling you to sell products at a steal, without compromising your profit margin.

The key to selling big this summer is by keeping prices low and offering unbeatable summertime savings. By partnering with the right wholesale supplier, you can access the lowest cost of quality merchandise, enabling you to offer excellent discounts, while still maintaining high profit margins. Contact us today to learn how we can support your bottom dollar.