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Teachers shouldn't have to pay out of pocket for supplies

By: Jackie Eldridge-- 2015-10-16 4:05 pm --

As a teacher's advocate, I hated hearing a disheartening story on NPR this week about teachers paying for classroom and school supplies out of their own pockets!

First of all, let me group hug our underpaid superheroes—our children's teachers. Yes, they commit their lives to helping students eventually make a difference in the world, even though they are underpaid and many have budgets that don't cover all classroom necessities. This is America, people! Why are teachers paying for school supplies out of their own pockets? What happened to education reform? It is unconscionable that we would allow teachers to buy classroom necesities for their students. Is Title I not working? Are teachers tired of not having the tools they need to grow the future leaders of America? Something is so wrong here.

The only help I can offer is DollarDays.com. Teachers can buy their school and classroom supplies in bulk, and even better, they can "go in" with one or more teachers to ensure they're getting the best value of buying in bulk wholesale. Until Congress frees up some money to adequately pay our teachers and provide enough materials for students, the next best thing is to save money if you're going to have to buy supplies. Coupon clipping works, too.

What are your thoughts?