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The Hottest Halloween Trends of 2016

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-08-31 7:00 am --

The weather is turning, the leaves are preparing to fall, and the pumpkins are soon to be harvested. That’s right, Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to begin planning your costumes. Whether you’re a small business looking to stock up on the hottest Halloween trends or a parent hoping to save some money by designing your kid’s costumes from scratch, it helps to know the latest trends, so you can prepare for Halloween in style. Here are some of the top costume trends that will dominate the streets this Halloween. 

  1. Accessories will lead the way.

According to Richard Parrot, the president of Ricky’s NYC, consumers will be placing more emphasis on accessories than prepackaged costumes. They’ll be after colorful wigs, makeup, flower crowns, and other accessories that will enable them to embody the Halloween spirit, while adding their own flair of creativity and originality.

  1. Consumers are placing greater emphasis on makeup than masks.

In the DIY era, many consumers are attracted to the concept of creating their own look, rather than relying on the simplicity of a mask. With innumerable YouTube tutorials teaching viewers how to apply Halloween makeup to suit virtually any costume, Halloween makeup sales are expected to rise, while mask sales decline.

  1. Elections will be the talk of the town.

With the presidential elections approaching, Halloween provides the perfect opportunity for politically-inclines millennials to make a statement. Trump and Hillary costumes will both be quite popular, and “Let’s Make America Great Again” hats will likely be a popular accessory.

  1. “Pizza Rat” is all the buzz.

Haven’t heard of the famous pizza rat? Then, unlike the millennials, you must not be a YouTube junkie. “Pizza Rat” was a viral YouTube video of a rat attempting to carry a slice of pizza. With 9.5 million views, many costume companies are already hoping to cash in on the trend by selling costumes of a rat holding a slice pizza.

  1. Don’t forget Fido.

This year, it won’t just be the kiddos landing on your doorstep. Their furry friends will be along for the ride, begging for treats as well. With each passing year, pet dogs seem to become increasingly popular, showing their presence in more and more public places. With dog costume contests taking place at events across the U.S., costumes for dogs of all sizes will be very popular.

  1. “Inside Out” costumes will be trending for children.

Kids are often most likely to base their costumes of their new favorite flick. With “Inside Out” creating waves among younger children, it’s anticipated that many costumes will be based around the movie. That means vibrant colored wigs, colorful clothing, and brightly colored face paints or masks.

Halloween is a cash cow for retailers, with the average consumer spending $74 on candy, costumes, and décor. By stocking up on costumes and accessories for the latest Halloween trends, you can cash in on this spending surge, while participating in some Halloween fun. For the latest Halloween trends at low, wholesale prices, visit our Halloween Store today.