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The most needed donations this holiday season

By: Maria Werner-- 2015-11-04 3:59 pm --

Leaves are scattering the streets, fields are dusted in frost, and the days are gradually shortening. Somehow, the year has sped by us and winter will soon make its entrance. Unfortunately, accompanying the seasonal changes, homelessness continues to rise nationwide, and many Americans are dreading the cold nights ahead. Rescue missions have ramped up their efforts in attempts to cater to the influx of needy residents. Yet, donations are being swept off the shelves just as soon as they arrive. There is no time more apt to make a charitable end-of-year donation. Before you start scraping together clothing and canned food, take a look at some of the items most needed by local homeless shelters.

1. Socks: For homeless shelters and rescue missions, socks are the most vital donation item requested. Socks are essential to preventing foot diseases and fungus, and in wintertime, they can be the saving grace that keeps homeless people alive. A lot of body heat is lost through the feet, and if homeless people are unable to keep their feet warm and dry, they experience an increased risk of hypothermia. Yet, despite being the most needed item by shelters, it’s also the least likely to be donated, resulting in a nationwide sock deficit that puts our most vulnerable residents at risk.

2. Plus-sized clothing: Humans come in a variety of sizes, and homeless individuals are no different. Yet, when it comes to clothing donations, shelters rarely receive anything beyond an extra large. In order for shelters to effectively cater to all of their clients, they need to have an array of clothing that accommodates all body types.

3. Sneakers: Many people wear their sneakers until the soles are falling off and their toes are poking through the front. Once the sneakers are ragged and dirt-smeared, few people feel good about donating them to charity. This has resulted in a considerable sneaker shortage at homeless shelters. Homeless people need close-toed shoes in good condition in order to keep their feet warm and dry throughout the coldest winter months. Fortunately, buying wholesale shoes enables people to purchases bulk quantities of sneakers at competitive rates, so homeless individuals can access the footwear needed to keep them comfortable throughout the coldest months of the year.

4. Toiletries: One of the primary factors inhibiting homeless individuals in their job search is the difficulty of maintaining a hygienic and groomed appearance. Homeless shelters are constantly seeking a range of toiletries for both men and women. Men’s shaving kits and feminine hygiene products are the two most needed donations.

5. Diapers and baby products: When people think about homelessness, they often envision the cliché image of a grungy, unshaven man clutching a tattered sign on the street corner. In actuality, families with children compose 41 percent of the homeless population in the U.S. Yet, despite the statistics, many people forget about homeless children and infants, leaving homeless shelters constantly at a shortage of diapers and baby products.

Winter is the hardest time for homeless and low-income people. With temperatures plummeting well below freezing, people without homes are faced with dire circumstances. Socks and shoes are items most of us take for granted, but they can go a long way in enhancing the safety and welfare of homeless people. Purchasing wholesale socks, clothing, and toiletries will enable you to extend your dollar further and create a bigger impact this holiday season.