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The perfect solution to increase nonprofit donations

By: Jessica Urgiles-- 2015-06-12 5:59 pm --

Charities and nonprofit organizations need donations to survive. Some organizations find that it takes too much time and effort from an already busy staff to effectively solicit donations. That’s where we come in!

We make it easy for charities and nonprofits to request exactly what they need. DollarDays’ Wish List Program allows organizations to maximize every donation by receiving wholesale supplies from their supporters.

A Wish List specialist will create a personalized website for your organization, add the products you choose and will even help you market it with our Wish List toolkit. The marketing toolkit contains flyers, website banners and other tips to spread the word to your supporters. Once the Wish List has been created, we recommend notifying your donors of the new website via social media, emails and newsletters. Then, simply sit back and watch the donations arrive!

Wish lists are an excellent way to empower donors by letting them choose what they give to your organization. Read about our Wish List Program here.