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Three ways to save our teachers money on classroom supplies

-- 2015-01-14 4:01 pm --

According to the National School Supply and Equipment Association, public school teachers spend $500 of their own money on school supplies every year. Nationwide, teachers spend $1.6 billion of their salaries on classroom supplies. For a profession that is notoriously underpaid, that’s a large portion being spent on providing classroom basics for students. The generosity of teachers is admirable.

While it doesn’t look like anytime soon that teachers will have enough classroom funding where they don’t have to dig into their own pockets, there are some ways for teachers to economize and spend fewer of their hard earned dollars.

Here are three ways that teachers can save on school supplies:

  1. Buy in bulk

Pencils, notebooks and calculators are staples of every classroom. It can be expensive when each student is going to need the same item, but it doesn’t have to be. Purchasing these and other items by the case ensures huge savings over shopping at the local office supply store.

  1. Make it a group affair

To maximize savings, reach out to other teachers. The more you buy, the more you save. Splitting the cost of buying wholesale school supplies with colleagues is a cost-effective way to stock multiple classrooms at once. Buying classroom items in bulk wholesale is a smart alternative to buying off the shelves of your local store. Plus, it’s rare that a corner store will have the volume of supplies that you will actually need for your classroom.

  1. Give back!

Did you know that at dollardays.com, every time you shop there, five percent of your purchase can be donated back to your school (or any charity/nonprofit)? Investing back into your school makes every purchase a gift to its students.