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Throwing an Epic Halloween Party on the Cheap

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-09-19 9:00 am --

So, you’re hoping to throw an epic Halloween party that will go down in history – at least among your friends. The only problem is you’re on a tight budget, and your vision far exceeds your wallet. No worries! It’s easy planning an excellent Halloween party without spending much money. You just need to know a few tricks.

Choose a Theme

The start to a great Halloween party relies on a unique, yet bone-chilling theme. Themes that are based around modern trends are often popular, such as recent thriller flicks or comic books. Ideally, the theme should be easy enough that people of all income brackets feel capable of coming up with a costume in a pinch.

Get the Decorations

After coming up with a theme, it’s time to set the scene. Halloween is no time to skimp on decorations, as only the most meticulously planned Halloween parties will be remembered for years to come. Decorations are the portion of the party that will likely cost the most, but that doesn’t mean you need to scale back. You just need to find the right vender who can provide you with all the spooky cobwebs and décor needed to turn your home into a terrifying chamber of horrors. By purchasing decorations in bulk, you can deck out your house from the roof to the floor, while remaining frugal in the process.

Create Clever Snacks

Food is a passion that all people share and the mark of any great party is the quality of its appetizers. In addition to being tasty, Halloween treats are expected to abide by the theme. Make some easy, Halloween-themed snacks that will have attendees begging you for the recipe. One sweet treat that’s easy to make is candy bones. Simply take pretzel sticks and attach a mini marshmallow to each end. Then dip them in white chocolate, creating a bone-shaped sugary treat. Best of all, they are incredibly cheap to create, especially if you buy the ingredients in bulk.

Deck Out Your Home with Creepy Surprises

Any Halloween party that fails to scare its guests is basically guaranteed to be a flop. Being frightened is half of the fun that Halloween offers. You need to plan spooky surprises in advance, so you can give everyone in attendance the fright of their life. Some easy, cost-effective Halloween prank ideas include:

  • The living prop: Greet your guests right by scaring them from the start. Have a friend dress up in a spooky costume and sit still on the porch as people arrive. Guests will assume it’s simply a decorative item, paying little attention to it. Then the person can leap into action, scaring the incoming partygoers.
  • The spider sneak attack: Another easy prank, have large fake spiders positioned at various points throughout the house, designed to fall on the guests when triggered. The easiest way is to prop the spider on top of a door with the door slightly wedged open, so when someone goes through the door, they knock the spider down.
  • Create a bloody mess: This one is a bit cruel, but it’s sure to frighten even the calmest of attendees. Carry a squirt bottle filled with fake blood around the party, and gently douse it on the tops of people’s head when they aren’t paying attention. When they go to scratch their head, they’ll get blood on their hands, assuming it’s coming from them!

Halloween is just a month and half away, and it’s time to begin planning your party. It’s easy to plan an epic Halloween party without spending much money, provided you have a good strategy in place. The key is finding the best party supplies at the lowest prices, so you can source all the snack foods and decorations you need without spending an arm and a leg in the process. Visit our spooky Halloween store today, and find low wholesale prices on the best Halloween décor.