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Tips to Keep Your Store Safe and Accessible Amid Ice and Snow

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-12-02 7:00 am --

It’s well-known in the world of small business that in order to succeed, you need to put your customers first. Not only does this mean going above and beyond in terms of service and professionalism, but it also means prioritizing the comfort and safety of your shoppers. Come wintertime, safety is of even greater concern, as the roadways and walkways become slippery. Here are some tips to improve the safety and accessibility of your small business, so you can provide a comfortable and accessible shopping experience all year long.

Hire Extra Staff to Tend to Your Walkways

Come wintertime, your small business will likely have many extra chores that need to be accomplished. By piling this additional workload onto your current employees, you risk critical tasks being neglected or overlooked. Snow and ice removal is imperative this time of year, so it’s wise to hire extra help. You can either hire an outside company to conquer your snow and ice removal, or you can hire seasonal employees to help tend to your parking lots.

Don’t Forget to Mop Your Floors!

In the winter, small businesses have increased custodial duties as well. With everybody tromping through your store in muddy boots, employees will be working extra hard to keep the floors clean and sparkling. Be sure to have a supply of “Slippery When Wet” signs available, as you’ll need to mop the floors regularly throughout winter.

Start the Workday Earlier

In wintertime, everybody seems to want to sleep in. Yet, in order to remain on top of snow and ice control, it’s best to show up to work an hour earlier than usual. You’ll want to arrive early enough to ensure the parking lot is plowed, all walkways are shoveled, and ice melt is applied in all the particularly icy areas. That way, by the time customers begin to arrive, your parking lot will already be safe and accessible.

Pay Special Attention to Outdoor Staircases and Ramps

For a store to truly be accessible, it needs to contain wheelchair ramps, in the event your store is located on a slope. Ramps can become particularly icy and snow-packed, which results in disabled patrons struggling to access your store. Staircases are also particularly dangerous, as slipping on stairs can result in much worse injuries. Ensure your staff members pay particular attention to these areas, so they always remain clear of snow, ice, and debris.

Stock Up on All the Snow Removal Tools You Need

The key to maintaining a safe environment throughout winter is by always staying ahead of the storms. To keep up with the snow and ice, you need to have a steady supply of ice melt and shovels on hand. Ice melt is of particular importance, as you’ll be using it liberally throughout the course of winter. Buy it in bulk at the beginning of the season, so you can save money on snow control throughout the entire winter.

In the wintertime, small business owners have some additional work to do in order to ensure their business is safe and accessible to all shoppers. You need to be proactive about snow removal, so you can provide a welcoming environment to customers and reduce the likelihood of injuries. To stock up on all the snow removal supplies your business needs, click here and start shopping.