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Tired of the F Word? Then Let's Get With the W Word!

-- 2011-08-30 1:00 am --

Frugal, or the F word, has beaten down so many people dealing with this awful economy that more and more people are searching for ways to use Win, or the W word. Facebook questions about what to do on a day off with no money can get answers like window shop for fall fashions, feed the ducks in the park, or search online for silly jokes. Sometimes, though, it's not about having no money, but about ideas. Stress over today's economy has affected people and left them dazed, so ideas are a commodity in great demand right now.

Remember What Fun Means?

Somewhere around us all is a college. Watch those kids and you'll see thousands of them having fun on no money at all. They live on a strict budget because once their classes are paid for, they have little left, aside from donations from their families, to live on. You'll see them sitting under trees on campus talking, walking around the river or lake nearby, cruising the mall or playing ball after their classes. They are spending time together, shaking off worries and stress by socializing with friends. These kids share ideas using sites such as collegenet.com, which not only gives them a forum, it makes them feel less alone. Win.

Group Hug

Online research will net the stressed out ideas offered by families plus those who read the site, then send in their own ideas. Sites like simpledollar.com take an idea for a "no money at all" weekend and turn it into what is fast becoming a family tradition. And a good one it is, too, for individuals and families have forgotten what it feels like when people concentrate on each other. Zeroes in the checkbook doesn't give people a warm and fuzzy like shared laughter and hugs do. Win.

Going Green - Literally

Have you ever wondered what the Earth looked like before mankind happened to it? What did the trees look like, what did truly pure water look like, taste like and sound like? Could you eat snow without getting sick from its passage through the atmosphere? Well, grab a tent, my green friend, but before you do, check out survivalspot.com and click on How to Live on Virtually No Money. The piece includes articles written about people getting back to nature, but literally. These folks are an inspiration to us all. Win.

The stress of everyday life, not to mention everyday life in an economy gone severely south, can kill people. It makes them ill in a hundred ways, but they never understand why. Ditching the causes of the stress, even for a weekend with those we love, can save our lives and bring us closer to each other. Sharing ideas with those suffering equally extends the caring while possibly generating more, and possibly better, ideas. In the end, that's what it's all about - helping each other, caring and sharing with each other. So forget the F word and get out there and win.