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Top 10 Best Trick or Treat Treats

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-09-22 1:00 am --

Picking the best trick or treat treats can be a thought out process for some. There are a number of treat options available such as fruit or nuts as well as a wide variety of candy. Treats may be purchased wholesale, which can not only lower cost but provide a larger number of treats to hand out to trick or treaters.

10. Raisins - these healthy little snacks are a great alternative to sweetened candy or salted treats. They have a long shelf life and come in both natural and flavored varieties. Left over raisin treats can also be used to pack in lunches or eaten as snacks.

9. Nuts - a nutritious option for trick or treat treats, these should be used with caution as many children have nut allergies. If giving these out as the primary treat, consider keeping a nut free option available in case someone has a nut allergy.

8. Trail Mix - a combination of healthy dried fruit, candy pieces and salty treats, these snack packs are a filling option for Halloween candy treats. They have a very long shelf life and are well enjoyed by many.
7. Popcorn snacks - whether in a pre-filled bag or made into a gooey popcorn ball, this treat remains an annual favorite. Popcorn can be given as is, topped with cinnamon or sugar or cracked salt for an added touch.

6. Fresh fruit - a very healthy option for trick or treat snacks, fresh fruit can often be purchased in bulk and given to Halloween guests. Apples, especially caramel dipped ones, are a favorite.
5. Licorice - black, red or gourmet flavors, this long and twisty treat is a popular choice for many trick or treaters. Fun size packages of licorice can be purchased, or larger wholesale packages may be broken up into smaller single serving bags.

4. Caramel candies - sticky, gooey and sugary delicious, caramel snacks are near the top of any candy lover's treat list. These tiny bite size snacks can be distributed a handful at a time or melted down into a topping for popcorn or apples.

3. Cookies - single serve or a handful at a time, cookies of any flavor can satisfy the sweet tooth of most any Halloween visitor. Cookies may be purchased wholesale in single serving packages or in larger bags then repackaged.

2. Crayons - Not the best treat for older visitors, but certainly a welcome break from the overload of snacks. Crayons or even small toys can be purchased in large bulk quantities and packaged with other treats then given out to those who may be too young for sugary snacks.

1. Fun Size candy - any of the most popular brands of candy offer a fun size version. These smaller packages may be just a few bites, or a single serving size, giving trick or treaters a quick taste of their favorite treats.