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Top 10 Christmas Light Displays Items

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-11-24 2:00 am --

Christmas comes during the darkest time of year when the sun sets early and rises late, so people especially enjoy decorating for the holiday with lights of all kinds.

1. Christmas Light Strings
Christmas displays usually begin with strings of multicolor or clear lights strung along the edges of roofs and looped around trees and bushes. Use plenty of lights to achieve the best effect. These lights can burn steadily or flash according to your preference.

2. Wholesale Christmas Garlands
A green garland with lights will look great framing your front door and porch railings while giving a warm and homey look to your entrance.

3. Wholesale Window Lights
Add a festive look to your home with window lights shaped like angels, candy canes, snowmen or Santa.

4. Lighted White Twigs
Light your walkways with unique lighted white twigs, and create a lovely pathway leading to your door to welcome your guests with flair. You could also use these to light a hallway if you want to create an unusual look in your home.

5. Fiber Optic Light Up Christmas Tree
Don’t forget about decorating the inside of your home. The 3-foot fibre optic light up Christmas tree will make a charming addition to any room.

6. Night Lights
Choose from many different themes for festive nightlights. You can have a flickering candy cane, candy shop, school, church, Santa workshop or one of the many other cute nightlights to give a soft light to those dark rooms.

7. White Candle Tree Lights
Add a touch of nostalgia with white candle tree lights as a reminder of the days when candles were the only way to light Christmas trees.

8. Star Tree Topper
A lighted star is the perfect topper for your Christmas tree.

9. Necklace or Earrings
When you are feeling whimsical, wear a lighted necklace or Christmas light bulb earrings, and be the brightest one at the party.

10. Antler Reindeer
When guests see the light and hear the music of the cute antler reindeer on your head, you will not be a wallflower at the party.

Finally, if you have been having a friendly contest with your next-door neighbor every year to determine who can create the most dazzling Christmas light display - and you are ready to give up – there may be a better solution. Buy a few strings of 100 clear or colored lights, string them together, and attach them to a board forming the word “DITTO” along with an arrow pointing to your neighbor’s extravagantly decorated house, and listen for the laughter of people passing by.