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Top 10 Funniest Wholesale Novelty Items

-- 2011-09-03 5:00 am --

You may expect to only find things like clothes, office supplies, and other boring products at an online wholesale store. However, you can also purchase some funny and downright strange novelty items as well. Here is a top 10 of those hilarious novelty items you can buy wholesale.

1. Snakes in a Mustard Bottle
No, this is not a new film starring Samuel L. Jackson. It is a novelty product you can buy wholesale. Bring this harmless looking bottle of “mustard” to your next barbecue, and you’re sure to give someone a shock when they open it.

2. Bullet Holes
Do you live in the suburbs with your rich parents but still want some street cred? Well, you can obtain some without joining your local street gang. Instead, purchase fake bullet holes wholesale. They paste onto a car windshield to give it that “I almost got capped but survived” look.

3. Dog Poop
One thing that is certain to delight people of all ages is dog poop. Well, dog poop that is made of mess free rubber and not the remains of Fido’s last meal. Faux-dog poo is great both as a practical joke and as an ironic gift for that someone not so special.

4. Goofy Golf Balls
These balls will never hit straight. Put these on your friend’s tee during your next round, and you will be sure to crack up at the results.

5. The Barack Obama 2009 Dollar Bill
Why bother with ancient presidents like Jackson and Grant when you could have money printed with the face of the first African American president? Just don’t try to use this as legal tender at a store or bank. You may end up being arrested.

6. The Floor Nickel
Love watching random passer-bys make total fools out of their selves? You can actually purchase a nickel wholesale that can be permanently nailed into the ground. Anyone who tries to pick up this nickel will discover it’s not their lucky day after all.

7. Phony Cast
Are you one of those people always looking for new ways to gain sympathy? Try a phony cast you can buy wholesale. Just slip this fake cast onto your arm and invent a story about how you broke it while saving an old lady’s kitten from a tree.

8. Exploding Pack of Cigarettes
Want to get back at that annoying smoker in your family? Give them a phony pack of cigarettes that will explode when opened. Don’t worry. You won’t go to trial for murder. The exploding cap inside is harmless.

9. Squirting Pen with Disappearing Ink
Want to tick off a co-worker? Pretend your pen has broken and squirted a spray of black ink onto that person’s shirt or blouse. Thankfully, the ink will disappear very fast leaving no trace behind.

10. The Comb Blade
Want to both intimidate people and keep your hair looking cool at the same time? Buy a switch blade comb wholesale. Instead of a blade, a comb puts out. The Fonz would approve. Aaay!