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Top 10 most hilarious things you can buy wholesale

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-06-08 3:00 am --

To promote our new monthly give away, we wanted to kick things off by listing our top 10 things to buy wholesale!

Consumers buy wholesale products for a variety of reasons. The best part about wholesale is that if you look hard enough, you can find literally anything. No, really. ANYTHING. Listed below are some of the funniest (yet useful for someone) products you can buy in a wholesale lot. You never know, you may come to realize your life could use a few more crystal toe rings or leather chaps.

10. Buddha Statue

Buy a box of these and you'll never run out of meditative guardians again.

9. Lawn Mowing Garden Gnome

Keep the box of spares in the attic. When the grandkids come over to play, keep in mind that there's nothing creepier than discovering a box of spare garden gnomes staring at you. That will teach them to stay out of the attic.

8. LovRub Survival Kit

For the couple who are hiking the Appalachian Trail for the honeymoon.

7. Colorful Crystal Toe Rings

For the fortune teller in your life. You tip your mail man and hair dresser around the holiday's, don't leave out the woman who is responsible for your "long, lustrous life!"

6. Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Chaps
A lifetime supply of leather chaps is necessary for any certified motorcycle hound. Maybe purchase a set of the next size up as well JUST IN CASE.

5. Tree Spirit Birdhouse

Don't force all the birds in your backyard to stuff themselves in one tree spirit's mouth. Buy a whole box and place one on each tree. If you're nice, leave some out there for squirrel's, too.

4. Stylish Gold Tanktop

Why buy wholesale? In case you shake your groove thing a little too hard. Or better yet, have a polyester party with your girls and hit the town in, um... style.

3. Natural Bra

Staple these into your skimpy tops and you'll never have to worry about lack of support again. Thank you wholesale.

2. Ninja Sword

Who doesn’t need 50 of these?

1. Antler Ball

Explanations will not do this justice. Described as "your true wildlife decor," it is no longer difficult for the outdoor man to find as many decorative table center pieces for each of his hunting cabins as he needs. We shall dictate this the winner of hilarity.