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Top 10 Things To Stock Up On Before Having House Guests

-- 2012-01-04 2:00 am --

When house guests are on their way, there's always a last minute flurry of cleaning and preparing. Don't forget to stock up on the necessary items to make your guests feel pampered and right at home. Whether the holidays are approaching, you've got a family reunion coming up, or the old college gang is in town and wants to crash at your place, make sure you have these 10 things on hand to keep your house running smoothly!

1. Tissues: Putting extra people in the house means more chance of spreading the current cold or flu. Having tissues ready and waiting means your guests will keep their germs where they belong, instead of passing them on to your furniture and you.

2. Snacks: People from different households tend to have different eating habits. To ensure that no one's getting grumpy waiting for meal time, keep a few sure to please snacks around like granola bars these snacks are no muss, no fuss, and easy to pack along for a day trip.

3. Travel Toiletries: If you really want your guests to feel special, stock up the bathroom with a variety of individual size toiletries. It's 4 star hotel treatment, and it keeps your personal toiletries off limits!

4. Batteries: It seems random, but more people means basic things like the remote control are going to be used more often. It never hurts to have a few extra batteries in your drawer so you don't have to run out while your company's around.

5. Paper towels: This one is a no-brainer. The easiest way to clean up spills and keep your home tidy is a roll of paper towels. For casual guests, you might even use them for serving up pizza instead of washing the extra plates!

6. Blankets: You never know how different people will prefer their climate. One guest is comfortable at 70 degrees while another is shivering on the couch. Having a few comfortable blankets draped on the sofa or rocking chair will help your guests feel at ease, so they don't need to go looking.

7. Toilet paper: Does this really need explanation? Better to have some leftover after your guests leave than to run out mid-stay.

8. Towels: Some people can get away with one towel when they're on the road. Others need a towel for their hair, one for their body, a washcloth, and a separate face towel. Don't go in to take your shower and find out there are no towels left for you. Get a second set to spare for your guests.

9. Magazines: No, it's not like the doctor's waiting room, but it never hurts to have something available for your guests to entertain themselves. You might be cooking dinner or running a quick errand. Keep your guests out of trouble with something to read while you're otherwise occupied.

10. Chocolate: It's hard to argue with chocolate. You may want to put it out to share with your guests, or just keep it for yourself to de-stress once they've left!