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Top 10 Wholesale Back-To-School Items

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-08-04 6:00 am --

Just as summertime hits its peak and is in full swing, school preparation nips at its heels and demands time, attention and money. Why load up the kids in the family van and head to the store with its crowded aisles and spend endless hours searching for everything on their lists? Consider, instead, shopping from the comfort of your airconditioned home as the kids keep busy in the back yard. With low prices and great deals on shipping, buying back to school supplies wholesale is a great option for today's busy family. Here are ten essentials for the back to school set that can be ordered wholesale.

  1. Paper
    Online wholesale shopping has got you covered for paper: wide-ruled, college-ruled, loose leaf filler and composition books abound for first graders through senior high.
  2. Pens and Pencils
    If you have paper, you need something with which to write. Good old number twos are available wholesale as well as a wide variety of pens in every color.
  3. Backpacks
    Every year, it seems, kids clamor for new backpacks. With backpacks in all sizes, shapes and colors, your children will be able to find just the right one while you'll be pleased with the great prices.
  4. Folders
    A great variety of colored and popular character folders are sure to please any kid. And at wholesale prices, mom will be smiling, too!
  5. Erasers
    Mistakes happen! Erasers make them better. Get good quality erasers for your whole clan wholesale!
  6. Crayons
    For the younger school-goers, crayons in all varieties abound in wholesale, and at these prices, you can afford to pick up some just for home, too.
  7. Glue
    Anytime kids can glue anywhere but in the house is great. Send them to school stocked and ready to get sticky!
  8. Math Sets
    Rulers, compasses, triangles and protractors available all in one handy case. Wholesale shopping has a variety of math sets sure to suit your kids' needs.
  9. Apple Corer or Apple Slicer
    With prices so great, why forget the teacher? Now she can make quick work of the apples all the other kids gave her!
  10. Relaxing Spa Candles
    Ok, so this one's not for the kids or teacher. After getting the kids back to school in budget-wise style, mom deserves a little relaxtion. This one's for her!