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Top 5 Gifts for the School Teacher in Your Life

-- 2012-06-11 2:00 am --

School teachers are constantly giving of their time, their dedication and their own money to educate our children. If you know a school teacher, or your child is thinking about getting a gift for her teacher, then there are some suggestions you can follow that would help you to buy the perfect gift. Whether it is a special occasion or not, it is always a nice gesture to give a gift to a teacher.

1) Briefcase
Teachers use briefcases all of the time to carry papers and important books around. The problem is that teachers will usually let their briefcase go way beyond the point of repair before they even start to think about replacing it. You can help a teacher out by getting him a new briefcase, and maybe even go the extra step of getting his initials engraved on it as well.

2) Portable Calendar
Whenever you see a teacher's day planner, it is always a mess. For some reason, most teachers still refuse to rely on technology to help them remember important dates and write down everything they need for each day. A portable calendar book with a spiral binding and durable cover would be the ideal gift for the busy teacher. If you can find one that has pockets in the cover for holding on to papers, then that would also be helpful.

3) Stress Ball
Some gifts do not need an introduction. A stress ball as a gift for a teacher is one of those gifts. Considering how many of these the average teacher would probably go through in the average month, it would be a good idea to give the gift of several stress balls at once. Be prepared to replace that supply before the school year ends as well.

4) Pens and Pencils
With the state of the economy today, many schools are cutting back on even the most basic supplies. Every teach could use a little help in making sure that she has everything she needs to run her class, and that is why pens and pencils make the ideal gifts for teachers. Not only does she need enough pens and pencils to get herself through the school year, but she also will need enough to help the students that seem to always forget their pens and pencils on test day.

5) A Vacation
A truly wonderful gesture that any class or any group of parents can do for an especially cherished teacher is to chip in and get her a vacation for two. It could just be for the weekend and it could just be at a local, small resort. Not only will the gesture go a long way to making the teacher feel appreciated, but the chance to unwind will also be something that she really needs as well.