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Top 5 Gifts Not To Give Her For Valentine's Day

-- 2011-01-26 2:00 am --

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and, as usual, most guys are getting ulcers wondering what to give their lady that she won't throw at them. Some guys have a problem thinking romantic, which is what their lady wants to see on this one day given to romance. Ideas are all around, thanks to retailers, but many guys want to think of something personal and special for their lady and still need ideas. If asking other women for advice, such as the girls in the office for instance, beware you might get what they would like to see instead of an idea for the woman you know so well. Here is a list of things not to give her and hopefully, an idea will occur to you.

1. A pink tool set. Okay, so she's always yelling at you to bring her a screwdriver; she's trying to get you to do the honey-do stuff instead of getting exasperated and doing it herself before the cabinet door falls off. No woman knows what a ratchet is, much less how to use it and including it in a tool set that is pink is a sure-fire method of making sure she throws it at you. If you get her things like this in bulk, you could get seriously hurt.

2. Things to do with round.
Ultimately, the romantic thing leads to, well, romantic acts. What you don't want to do is give her round things that don't remind her of, well, romantic assets. Things such as ped egg refills, nutcrackers and bottle openers, dryer balls, plant watering globes, tomato planters, you know, things like that.

3. Size matters. Women are touchy about their weight and if she thinks you think her un-thin, she'll be shattered. For your own sake, do not give her waistband stretchers, bra extenders, waist-trimming belts, or workout equipment of any kind. If she asks, by all means work out with her, but don't give her workout gifts.

4. Body items. Bath products are good, but if the idea is to get her into a mud-wrestling scenario, better get her used to the idea by slathering her with body oils and lotions and painting a picture of a beach in the Bahamas. Wrestling, mud or otherwise, goes over better with that kind of scenery.

5. Health items. It is absolutely legal to hurt a guy who gets his lady a bubble bath mat or a heat wrap for her neck, because she'll think you're saying she's a pain in the, well, neck. Guys, romance consists of giving her a foot rub, massaging her neck and, well, you get the idea.

Whomever thought up Valentine's Day was trying to bring some romance into lives beset by mortgages, work stress and kids. God bless him, it was a good idea, but some folk are challenged by this. Forget the bills and the job and tuck the kids away for one night and dedicate yourself to her and she'll love it.