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Top 5 Gifts to Give a Guy

-- 2011-12-05 2:00 am --

When it comes to giving gifts, most people tend to not really know what to give. Though giving gifts can be confusing, it surely does not need to be an extravagant gift for it to be meaningful. However, giving gifts to a guy just might be the most difficult thing to do simply because most guys really have no idea what they want. The fact that they tend to be very simple with their needs can often be the problem when trying to find a great gift for them. If you are looking for the best gifts to give a guy, you should definitely think about these five gifts.

There really is nothing like sparking your brother's or boyfriend's interest in a sport and you can certainly do this by giving him a basketball. This is a very simple yet still meaningful gift that can go be very special to him. This NCAA Wilson basketball will be a great gift to give those that want to be more active and simply start to play the game more. This inexpensive gift will surely be used for a very long time.

Since most guys do play sports or live a very active style, there is nothing like giving them a massage. This is why this battery operated massaging cushion will be an amazing gift to guys who tend to always be tired or stressed out. This is a great way to really show that you care and to also give a gift that will be used a lot. If you are giving this to a boyfriend or brother, it will also be nice to borrow the gift every now and then. This cushion can be used anytime and will certainly be worth the very affordable price.

Guys are known to be quite unorganized and so it is a great idea to feed off of this problem. Look to give this stylish backpack that will certainly make him want to be more organized. The backpack has many pockets and will certainly be a durable and comfortable backpack. Understand that this is a great gift to give and you will then start to have more organized men in your life.

Not only are men unorganized, but some will actually not smell that nice either. This car air freshener will really help spice up his car and to give him a better smell. This Texas Hold'em themed air freshener will definitely give a beach breeze scent.

If you happen to know a golfer, this is easily the best gift to give. With over 300 assorted golf balls, you will surely be able to really give him what he wants, more golf balls. If he happens to be a bad golfer, you might have to think about getting him 600 to ensure he doesn't run out.

Giving a guy a gift is certainly not impossible but you just have to really focus on giving him something that he will certainly use.