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Top Supplies Every Daycare Should Have

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-01-29 11:24 am --

Operating a daycare is a rewarding, yet difficult job. A great daycare doesn’t just babysit children – it provides education and enrichment that helps children grow. Yet, keeping kids entertained and engaged throughout the day is perpetually challenging. While the power of imagination often fuels child playtime, there are a variety of supplies that daycares need in order to cultivate a positive atmosphere that fosters childhood development. Here are the top supplies that all daycares should have.

  1. Extra clothing: Most daycares serve children between the ages of two and six. While the average child is potty-trained by around 30 months, many children have yet to gain full mastery over their bladder. Accidents are common, and to reduce the discomfort for children, it’s important to always have extra clothing available.
  2. A stage: The stage doesn’t need to be extravagant. Even a small, make-shift stage will suffice. A stage provides children with a platform to bring their creativity to life, while performing their skills and talents in front of their peers. By offering children an opportunity to present their talents on stage, the kids can build their self-confidence, while enhancing linguistic and motor skills.
  3. Educational resources: Books, magazines, and educational toys should be central to every daycare. Group story time can promote the imagination, attention span, and verbal comprehension of children. Additionally, educational coloring books can provide an excellent platform for teaching reading comprehension, history, and science.
  4. Art supplies: Art is a phenomenal way to encourage self-expression and cultivate the creativity of youngsters. Research has demonstrated that arts and crafts can have a lifelong impact on cognitive development. Art aids children in visual-processing skills, encourages creativity, and enhances academic performance, all of which will set a child up for success.
  5. Sporting equipment: Sports and athletic activities promote the cardiovascular health of children, while forming lifelong exercise habits. Additionally, organized sports are critical in teaching teamwork and encouraging prosocial behavior in children.
  6. Building blocks: Building blocks aid in fine motor skills and encourage analytical thought development.
  7. Dress up clothing and props: All daycares should stock a variety of costumes and props for children, so children can engage in imaginative play. Pretend play promotes positive and prosocial interaction, enhances verbal skills, and strengthens cognitive reasoning.
  8. Stuffed animals and dolls: Stuffed animals and dolls are adored by both genders and can provide profound enrichment for children. Due to the vivid imaginations of children, young kids often become attached to stuffed animals in a similar way that adults attach to pets. By encouraging children to play with dolls and stuffed animals, you can foster the development of empathy and compassion.

Every daycare is bound to offer a unique array of toys and games. However, there are some foundational activities that all daycares should provide in order to create an enriching and educational environment for children. With arts and crafts, educational games, imaginative activities, and team sports, children can develop the skills they need to thrive in their adult lives. Save money by purchasing daycare supplies in bulk. With a vast array of games, toys, and costumes, you can ensure your daycare remains fully stocked, while staying within your annual budget. Click here to explore a wide selection of art supplies and toys.