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Top Ten List of Christmas Decorations for the Fashionista

-- 2010-12-03 6:00 am --

Everyone knows a Fashionista. She is the friend who always looks elegant, even when she is changing a diaper. She is the sister who always shows up for Christmas dinner looking like a million dollars. She is the coworker who always wears the latest fashions in the office.

Fashionistas have a sense of style all their own. Celebrate the Fashionistas with these top ten Christmas decorations available at DollarDays.

1.) - A set of leopard print purse and boot ornaments screams style for any Christmas tree. After all, what could be more important to the Christmas Fashionista than matching her shoes with her purse? The trendy leopard print will never go out of style.

2.) - In keeping with the clothing choices of a Fashionista, three lovely party dresses on hangers complete her Christmas tree. Sleeveless and form fitting, these cocktail dresses glow in holiday colors of red, gold, and silver.

3.) - Let it snow on her Christmas trees with a set of three metal snowflakes, one each in silver, gold, and ice blue. The pierced metal design is accented with sparkling glitter on each ornament.

4.) - Every Fashionista loves sparkle. A set of three metal gift box Christmas ornaments will add sparkle to her mantle. Colorful striped and dotted gift boxes in red, white, and green shimmer in the light.

5.) - Elegant candle holders delight her sense of design. A set of three candle holders, painted pearly white, trimmed with gold beads and delicate gold trim will look lovely on her table.

6.) - A Christmas brooch is an elegant accessory to any winter coat. A lovely sterling silver poinsettia with 18 karat gold accents will complete any outfit. The red central stone and six clear stones draw in the light, making this brooch a Christmas must-have.

7.) - Christmas print ribbon rolls provide yards of cheer. A true Fashionista knows that a Christmas tree is not complete until it is draped with ribbon. Her presents are works of art, elegantly tied with matching ribbon. Her windows sport large ribbon bows throughout the season.

8.) - Fashionistas also have a sense of tradition. What could be more traditional than peppermint ribbon candy, shaped into a wreath? These little delights nestle snugly into the branches of her Christmas tree.

9.) - No Fashionista wants to hammer nails into her front door in order to display a Christmas wreath. A stylish metal wreath holder drapes over the top of the door. It is sturdy enough to hold a full-decorated wreath. The elegant metal in red, gold, or silver will compliment any décor. Two tiny sleigh bells attached to the holder alert her to the arrival of guests.

10.) - Light up the life of a favorite Fashionista with a two-foot strand of bright white Christmas lights. The old-fashioned shape combines with modern LED technology to brighten a wreath, mantle, or dinner table.